Let’s look at the closer situations around the Majors. I’m going to be using a color system, “red” means that there is a likely closer change or a very unstable situation; “orange” means that there are warning signs; “green” means that there isn’t likely to be any change at closer. AL AL EAST TEAM: New York Yankees CLOSER: Aroldis Chapman

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Cincinnati, Cleveland and San Diego just pulled off a blockbuster trade. Cleveland can actually afford to take the hit to their rotation and now suddenly have a loaded lineup. Trevor Bauer wasn’t pitching particularly great this season and would be traded in the offseason anyway. Yasiel Puig is a rental, but they get a nice long-term piece in Franmil Reyes.

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The trade deadline is fast approaching and it’s about time to see if you need to trade or pick up some closers to not left depleted after. ADD 1. David Robertson, PHI He’s in a good spot to be come a closer again. 2. Reyes Moronta, SFG He’s likely the closer if San Francisco sell as expected. 3. Mark Melancon,

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