Boston fired GM Dave Dombrowski last night. Dombrowski brought them a championship last year, so it’s natural that there are people questioning this move and thinking that Dombrowski deserved better. Thing is, he just isn’t a great GM. Back in Detroit, he built a team that won 2 pennants, but failed to win the World Series because he traded off top prospects and refused to improve the bullpen. The same exact situation as with the 2019 Boston Red Sox. Dombrowski made a lot of questionable moves during his career as Boston’s GM: he extended ace Chris Sale for 5 years and $145 million, despite his injury concerns and bad finish in 2018; he re-signed SP Nathan Eovaldi to a 4 year $65 million contract, despite his own injury history and bad advances metrics in 2018; he extended SP Rick Porcello to a 4 year $82.5 million contract despite his middle of the rotation arm peripherals and results (he did win the AL Cy Young in 2016 but didn’t deserve it and never came close to that again). The bottom line is Dombrowski made a lot of bad moves and the team won despite him, rather than because of him. I think that this is a good move for Boston.

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