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The Washington Nationals are world champions for the first time ever. During the series, Washington batted .241/.320/.419 compared to .265/.342/.454 during the season. The Houston Astros batted .272/.342/.452 during the series and .274/.352/.495 during the season. On the pitching side, Washington had a 4.29 ERA during the series and a 4.27 ERA during the season. Houston had a shockingly identical

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NLCS WASHINGTON NATIONALS 4 ST. LOUIS CARDINALS 0 The sheer dominance by Washington was a surprise, but their win was not. They had the better record, the better Pythagorean record, better starting pitching and better hitting. They were simply the better team. ALCS HOUSTON ASTROS NEW YORK YANKEES Another unsurprising result. Houston were the favorites going in because they had

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What if teams finished according to their Pythagorean W-L records? What changes would take place? I’m only looking at the playoff years. 1969 The Chicago Cubs win the NL East instead of the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants win the NL West instead of the Atlanta Braves, one of them loses to the Baltimore Orioles in the

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ALCS NEW YORK YANKEES VS HOUSTON ASTROS Hard to say which is the better team, though most likely it’s Houston. I think that the Bronx Bombers will be more motivated due to overcoming all of their injuries and not wanting to lose to Houston in the playoffs again. They also swept Minnesota, who were better than Tampa Bay, who Houston

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