Houston has a new manager. The bad news is that it’s Dusty Baker. Baker has yo be in the dictionary next to “incompetent managing”. I e thing that Dusty proved throughout his career is that he’s good at losing when it matters. He made it into an art form on fact.

2002: He managed the San Francisco Giants to a 3-2 lead in the World Series against the Anaheim Angels. They were even leading game 6. What happened next is something that Hasn’t happened in 100 years. The Giants blew a five run lead to lose game 6 and then lost game 7. Baker was fired after the series.

2003: Now managing the Chicago Cubs, he was up 3-1 in the NLCS against the Florida Marlins and leading game 6 in the 8’th inning after losing game 5, Of course he lost the game and then the next one along with the series. Worse, he ruined the careers of his two aces.

Are two major collapses in consecutive years really a coincidence?

2012: Managing the Cincinnati Reds, and leading the team to one of the best records in the Majors, his managing lost the NLDS 3-2 to San Francisco. This was despite Cincinnati being the favorites and holding a 2-0 lead.

2013: Late season collapse led to his Cincinnati Reds losing the division and the top NL Wild Card spot, Cincinnati won the second and lost the NL Wild Card playoff game to Pittsburgh.

2017: After leading the Washington Nationals to their first ever consecutive division titles and playoff appearances, he lost the NLDS 3-2 to the Chicago Cubs, despite Washington being the favorites.

There’s also his unbelievably stupid quote about getting on base.

Whst kind of collapse can his new team expect? Dusty Baker proved that he fails when it matters, repeatedly and on historically bad levels. Houston made an idiotic mistake hiring him as their new manager.

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