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It finally happened, the Boston Red Sox traded RF Mookie Betts and SP David Price to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Betts is a free agent after this upcoming season and already rejected at least one extension offer and wanted over $400 million to change his mind about testing the free agent market. Betts has shown repeatedly that his priority was making money and not playing in Boston.

Betts never said that he would stay for the “right offer” or that he wanted to play his entire career there. Instead, he repeatedly talked about testing the free agent market. Why? That’s the best way to make the most money, regardless of which team gives it. Betts is not the type of loyal team player that Boston or any team deserves. There was no reason to wait until next offseason to see him sign with some team that would overpay and give him more than anyone would even consider acceptable. It only takes one team after all… Price was rumored not to like Boston his whole time there and was another player who seemingly chose money over everything else. He’s also been struggling with his health and has been in decline for a few years now. Boston couldn’t afford to lose Betts for a draft pick and needed to get rid of Price’s bad contract.

We don’t know all of the details just yet, but I will be sure to update it all here. We do know that Boston is getting a direct replacement for Betts in Alex Verdugo, who will finally get to start full-time in the Majors. This trade makes Boston worse in the present, ( and might affect your bets on this upcoming season), but it makes them better now and in the long run. It also gives them a promising young player.

Los Angeles now have their best team ever on paper and are the clear favorites to win the NL pennant, with Betts giving them a real elite leadoff hitter and Price giving them more rotation stability. Boston now needs starting pitching, so that’s something to expect them to address in the near future. In the ripple effects of the trade, the Minnesota Twins improve their rotation with Kenta Maeda, who LA won’t miss and are directly replacing with Price. Minnesota however still need that elusive ace.

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