1. New York Yankees

The lineup and bullpen could be top 5 in the league, but the rotation must stay healthy and productive, but has good upside.

2. Toronto Blue Jays

The rotation looks solid but too-heavy. The bullpen looks good too and so does the lineup, but I think that New York looks better overall and they’re only slightly better than Boston.

3. Boston Red Sox

The rotation is very shaky and the bulllen can go either way. The lineup is strong but not as good as New York’s or Toronto’s.

4. Tampa Bay Rays

The lineup just doesn’t look good and the rotation might not give them enough innings. They’re typically good, but this could be the year that they at least don’t win the division.

5. Baltimore Orioles

Possibly the worst pitching in the Majors and a weak lineup. They look just barely better than a AAA team.


1. Chicago White Sox

Easily the best pitching in the division and a good lineup with some holes. They shouldn’t have trouble repeating as division winners.

2. Minnesota Twins

Their pitching looks shaky, but their lineup can be better than Chicago’s.

3. Detroit Tigers

Below average on every category unless their young players break out, but better than Kansas City and Cleveland.

4. Cleveland Guardians

Weak rotation and lineup mean that they’ll be lucky to get in the playoffs, let alone win the division.

5. Kansas City Royals

Weak rotation and lineup with an above average bullpen. A lot has to go right for them to be competitive.


1. Houston Astros

Shaky rotation, good bullpen and lineup. They should easily win the division.

2. Seattle Mariners

They have a potentially good bullpen, an OK rotation and a slightly above average lineup. They don’t look like division winners.

3. Los Angeles Angels

A lot has to go right in the rotation. The rest of the team is just slightly above average.

4. Texas Rangers

Their lineup is above average, but their pitching is just bad.

5. Oakland Athletics

They’re competing with Baltimore for the worst in the league with an almost AAA roster.


1. Atlanta Braves

They have an above average rotation and a good bulllen. They also have a contender for the best lineup in the game.

2. Philadelphia Phillies

They have good pitching and hitting. As long as their bullpen doesn’t fall apart and their bad defense doesn’t do them in, they should be good.

3. New York Mets

Health is a factor as otherwise they have the best rotation in the division. Their bullpen isn’t as good as Atlanta’s or Philly’s and their lineup is not as good as both either.

4. Miami Marlins

They have a good rotation and it ants no other.potentially bullpen. The lineup or just isn’t good enough though.

5. Washington Nationals

They’re competing with the likes of Baltimore for the title of worst team in the game.


1. Milwaukee Brewers

Easily the best pitching in the division and one of the best staffs in the game, but a weak lineup.

2. St. Louis Cardinals

They have shaky rotation and average lineup.

3. Chicago Cubs

They’re basically a .500 team.

4. Cincinnati Reds

I could see them and Chicago switching places as they’re about the same.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates


1. Los Angeles Dodgers

Easily the best team in the division, but shaky bullpen and the lineup is not nearly as good as people think. It relies on declining hitters and players that can go either way.

2. San Diego Padres

Shaky pitching with upside and an average lineup.

3. San Francisco Giants

Good rotation with health issues, average bullpen and a weak lineup.

4. Colorado Rockies

Better lineup than Arizona but the pitching is just as bad.

5. Arizona Diamondbacks

Contenders for worst team in the game.


New York and Chicago get byes. Boston, Tampa Bay and Toronto are the Wild Card teams.

Houston Astros 2

Tampa Bay Rays 1

Boston Red Sox 2

Toronto Blue Jays 1


LA and Atlanta get byes. Miami, Philly and the New York Mets are the Wild Card teams.

Miami Marlins 2

Milwaukee Brewers 1

Philadelphia Phillies 2

New York Mets 1


New York Yankees 3

Boston Red Sox 2

Chicago White Sox 3

Houston Astros 2


Philadelphia Phillies 3

Los Angeles Dodgers 2

Atlanta Braves 3

Miami Marlins 1


New York Yankees 4

Chicago White Sox 2

AL Champions: New York Yankees


Atlanta Braves 4

Philadelphia Phillies 3

NL Champions: Atlanta Braves


New York Yankees 4

Atlanta Braves 3

World Champions: New York Yankees

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