Let’s look at some interesting value discrepancies that will help during your auction. It’s important to accept that production is far more important than name value. You want to spend your money wisely and have as much value per cost as possible. I’ll be using Yahoo! average costs rounded to the nearest full number. I will also have projections from multiple projection systems for each player.

Which 1B would you rather have?

Player A for $37-40?

Player B for $34?

Or Player C for $27?

How about Player D for $20?

If you want to get SB’s from the position, then Player C is the best value. If you just want a good batting line, and SB’s aren’t important to you or you plan to get them from another position, then Player D is the best value. Player A is Freddie Freeman, Player B is Paul Goldschmidt, Player C is Anthony Rizzo and Player D is Jose Abreu.

Let’s look at 2B now:

Player A goes for $21:

Player B goes for $11:

Which one would you rather have? Player A is Gleyber Torres and Player B is Rougned Odor. Of course, Torres is also eligible for SS, but is that worth $10 more?!

Speaking of overrated players, would you pay $37 for this player who is eligible for SS and 3B?

Or would you rather pay $35 for this SS/3B?

Player #1 is Alex Bregman and player #2 is Manny Machado.

You can get this OF for $25:

Or you can spend $13 to get this 1B/OF:

The first player is Khris Davis and the second is Joey Gallo.

In fact, would you take either one over a 1B/OF that costs $25 with these projections:

Or over an OF that costs $37:

The 1B/OF is Cody Bellinger and the OF is Giancarlo Stanton.

Which 3B would you rather have? Player A that costs $21 or Player B that costs $13?

Player A:

Player B:

Player A is Eugenio Suarez and Player B is Matt Chapman.

Before you participate in your next auction, focus on the player’s production and the cost for it, not his name.

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