Atlanta improved their bullpen. Good move for both sides.

A good change-of-scenery that could be a bargain for Tampa Bay.

Good move for Washington until you look at his peripherals.

Good depth move for Oakland and a solid one for Cincinnati.

Surprise trade that might help both sides.

Atlanta acquired an overachieving relieved who will likely not be worth the price that they paid for him.

Another bad move by Atlanta, this time helping San Francisco by raking their bad contract.

Arizona took Seattle‘s Bad contract for no reason.

Good move for Detroit and a bad one for the Chicago Cubs, who needed a second baseman and now declined defensively.

Arizona finally got rid of Zack Greinke‘s Bad contract and Houston improved their rotation. Houston however are on borrowed time as contenders with Gerrit Cole on his way out after the season and the declining Justin Verlander and Greinke anchoring their rotation.

Pointless move by a team that‘s not going to the playoffs.

Great move by Minnesota to strengthen their bullpen, but a bizarre one for San Francisco.

The San Francisco Giants didn’t trade any of their free agents to be, despite being nowhere near good enough to make the playoffs, but traded a reliever that is signed through next season and could’ve helped them in their pointless attempt at making the playoffs this season.

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