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Boston Red Sox SS Xander Bogaerts is a free agent after the season and it doesn’t appear as if an extension is happening. Bogaerts has a no-trade clause but he should waive it for a chance at a championship, as Boston is on the periphery of becoming sellers. He might be traded in a creative deal even if Boston remain in the mix for a playoff spot. Let’s look at potential trade partners and their potential offers…


The Halos have a pretty weak middle infield with Andrew Velazquez and Tyler Wade not expected to do better than 1-2 WAR for the season. Bogaerts had 4.9 WAR in 2018 and 2021, and 6.3 WAR in 2019. I won’t include the shortened 2020 season, though he was good. Bogaerts could be enough to edge out Houston and win them the division.

Minor League OF Jo Adell might get Anaheim Bogaerts and another free agent to be. Adell may not have a place in Anaheim’s OF going forward, but still has a lot of upside. Is that too high of a price? Don’t forget that Miami received SP Jesus Luzardo for CF Starling Marte.


What about the other LA team? They may want to make themselves stronger contenders by adding Xander Bogaerts and moving Trea Turner back to 2B. This type of trade is how they acquired Turner in the first place, and before that as well.

Who could Boston get from LA for Bogaerts? How about Minor League OF’s Andy Pages and James Outman? Too much? A top of the batting order of Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Turner, Bogaerts and Max Muncy.


I think that it’s safe to say that SS is the one weakness that the Redbirds have. Wherher it’s Edmundo Sosa or the recently demoted Paul DeJong, they’re looking at maybe 1-2 WAR for the season. The 3-4 extra wins from Bogaerts could be enough to push them over Milwaukee for the division.

Xander Bogaerts would also help deepen St. Louis’s lineup for a potential deep playoff run. Who could St. Louis trade for him? Minor League OF’s Jhon Torres and Alec Burleson make the most sense.

Honorable Mentions: Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies. If these teams are buyers at the trading deadline, pursuing Bogaerts makes sense though the return is debateable.

The Boston Red Sox might trade Xander Bogaerts at the trade deadline, and the above three teams make the most sense as trade partners for them.

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