Philadelphia now has a new closer. It’s a move that makes sense for both clubs, though for Philadelphia it depends a lot on them making the playoffs. Brandon Workman is a big upgrade over Hector Neris, but is a free agent at the end of the season. Boston is missing the playoffs, so it made sense for them to move him. Nick Pivetta is a change of scenery candidate who will have a longer leash in Boston’s rotation.

Toronto stabilized their rotation and Seattle got prospects.

San Diego improved their bullpen and Kansas City improved their farm system.

Boston improve their farm and San Diego improve their lineup. Boston also now open up first base for Bobby Dalbec. Good trade for both teams.

Weird trade of a defensively challenged player heteeen two contenders.

Atlanta stabilized their rotation, or at least attempted to.

Baltimore improved their farm and Colorado improved their bullpen.

San Diego upgraded at catcher, as they continue to aggressively improve the team.

San Diego improved the team further. Good trade for both Seattle and San Diego.

Oakland attempted to stabilize their rotation. Logical trade for both Texas and Oakland, but might not accomplish anything in the end.

Cleveland & San Diego completed a blockbuster. I think that Cleveland really sold low on Mike Clevinger and that it’s bizarre that they didn’t at least get a good outfielder. The only good thing for them is that Cal Quantrill may yet turn into a solid starting pitcher. On the other hand, it’s a great trade for San Diego, who are legitimate contenders and might even unsit LA in their division next season.

Toronto attempted to upgrade their rotation, but that remains to be seen. Arizona had to trade Robbie Ray, but the return is underwhelming. They then landed more help, by acquiring Ross Stripling, in a trade that must be based on the prospects they’ll receive in return for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Blockbuster between Miami and Arizona. Arizona moves on early from Starling Marte, perhaps rushing into a rebuild considering their offseason signings and based on a small sample size in a shortened season. They did however replace Ray in the rotation with a better starter in Caleb Smith, who Miami won’t miss with their deep pitching. Matte is a big boon to the Miami lineup and can be a trade chip next season if they’re not in playoff contention.

Solid bullpen upgrade for the Chicago Cubs and an obvious trade for Arizona. Chicago added another reliever in a trade that doesn’t seem helpful for them and actually more for Boston. San Diego their bullpen too in a move that also benefited Seattle. San Francisco got in on the act as well, potentially improving their relief corps.

Philadelphia also upgraded their bullpen as Milwaukee sold high on David Phelps. Is this enough to push Philly into the playoffs?

Boston sold high and Colorado upgrades their bench.

Miami sold high on an expendable free agent to be in Jonathan Villar and Toronto got more infield depth.

Cincinnati upgraded their bench as the Los Angeles Angels shed a free agent to be. The same was done by the Chicago Cubs.

Arizona continued their sale and Cincinnati likely has a new closer. The trade made sense for both clubs.

The New York Mets needlessly upgraded their bench and their bullpen in a surely lost season, as Texas and Baltimore rightly moved on from their free agents to be.

San Diego improved their bullpen

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