I’m prioritizing the more important moves and letting MLBTR tell you the details.

The Chicago White Sox got a new catcher. This is a solid move, though I think that Yasmani Grandal is overpaid. They then locked up 1B Jose Abreu in a solid but risky move.

Great move by Atlanta, they’ve been the most active team so far and are doing great at filling their holes.

Solid back of the rotation depth move by Texas.

Weird trade by Milwaukee and San Diego. Where is Trent Grisham going to play unless he can play center field? Why does Milwaukee need Luis Urias when they have Keston Hiura? Is he done as a starter at the Major League level?

Pittsburgh has a new manager. I have no opinion on this.

Did Seattle get a new closer? Solid move by them.

Good move by San Diego that will strengthen their already good bullpen. They did overpay however.

The Los Angeles Angels’ big addition to their rotation. They won’t add anyone much better. As I’ve been saying on Twitter and comments on message boards, they won’t spend on elite pitching. Good move for Baltimore as he never broke out and is a free agent in 2 years.

Good move by both Milwaukee and Seattle. Milwaukee now has a new catcher and he might actually be productive next season.

A typical move by the New York Mets and a good one for Houston. Houston got rid of an overpaid player that they didn’t need and the Mets get their centerfielder: cheap and not good enough to be a starter.

Solid though risky re-signing by Minnesota.

Interedting trade between Tampa Bay and San Diego. Tommy Pham was a good “tablesetter” for Tampa Bay, though he is injury-prone. Did they really need more power in acquiring Hunter Renfroe (who is his direct replacement)? They are getting a better defender (1.5 dWAR for Renfroe, -0.4 for Pham in 2019) so maybe they see something there? Pham is going to be San Diego’s CF, so he has to improve his defense, but if he does then the move makes perfect sense for them.

Solid depth moves by Minnesota and Washington.

Great though risky move by Washington. His health is the only concern here.

The Los Angeles Angels wasted a prospect to get rid of a bad contract.

Solid move for Philly that helps clear up New York‘s logjam.

Solid depth move for San Francisco.

The Chicago White Sox got their RF. Nomar Mazara needed a change of scenery and maybe this will help him.

I will update this as the offseason goes on.

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