I’m prioritizing the more important moves and letting MLBTR tell you the details.

The Chicago White Sox got a new catcher. This is a solid move, though I think that Yasmani Grandal is overpaid. They then locked up 1B Jose Abreu in a solid but risky move.

Great move by Atlanta, they’ve been the most active team so far and are doing great at filling their holes.

Solid back of the rotation depth move by Texas.

Weird trade by Milwaukee and San Diego. Where is Trent Grisham going to play unless he can play center field? Why does Milwaukee need Luis Urias when they have Keston Hiura? Is he done as a starter at the Major League level?

Pittsburgh has a new manager. I have no opinion on this.

Did Seattle get a new closer? Solid move by them.

Good move by San Diego that will strengthen their already good bullpen. They did overpay however.

The Los Angeles Angels’ big addition to their rotation. They won’t add anyone much better. As I’ve been saying on Twitter and comments on message boards, they won’t spend on elite pitching. Good move for Baltimore as he never broke out and is a free agent in 2 years.

Good move by both Milwaukee and Seattle. Milwaukee now has a new catcher and he might actually be productive next season.

A typical move by the New York Mets and a good one for Houston. Houston got rid of an overpaid player that they didn’t need and the Mets get their centerfielder: cheap and not good enough to be a starter.

Solid though risky re-signing by Minnesota.

Interedting trade between Tampa Bay and San Diego. Tommy Pham was a good “tablesetter” for Tampa Bay, though he is injury-prone. Did they really need more power in acquiring Hunter Renfroe (who is his direct replacement)? They are getting a better defender (1.5 dWAR for Renfroe, -0.4 for Pham in 2019) so maybe they see something there? Pham is going to be San Diego’s CF, so he has to improve his defense, but if he does then the move makes perfect sense for them.

Solid depth moves by Minnesota and Washington.

Great though risky move by Washington. His health is the only concern here.

The Los Angeles Angels wasted a prospect to get rid of a bad contract.

Solid move for Philly that helps clear up New York‘s logjam.

Solid depth move for San Francisco.

The Chicago White Sox got their RF. Nomar Mazara needed a change of scenery and maybe this will help him.

Good upside move by the New York Mets.

Good move by Colorado, though their bullpen moves usually don’t work out.

Good move by Toronto to fill out their rotation.

Solid gamble by Milwaukee.

A gamble by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Los Angeles Angels gave out a contender for worst contract of the offseason. Take away his juiced ball inflated contract year and Anthony Rendon is an above average player, definitely not a star. Horrible horrible deal for the Angels.

Another good move by the New York Mets, who suddenly have upside and rotation depth.

Good move by the Bronx Bombers.

Solid pick-up for Boston, followed by another one. These moves fix some holes and offer some minor potential upside too.

Weird gamble by Tampa Bay. How many first basemen do they need?

Solid move by Detroit.

Why should Milwaukee try to win? It’s easier to pick up scraps. No offense to the player but this is ridiculous.

Risky gamble by Texas. They got their ace but will Corey Kluber be the same player that he was prior to 2019? He’s coming off a terrible season and is moving to a hitter’s park while in decline. On the other hand, what if he bounces back?

Bizarre move by Arizona. They’re not going to the playoffs next season and should be rebuilding, why waste money? The Los Angeles Angels are now officialky looking at a horrible offseason, as they missed out on all the top starting pitchers available this offseason, and starting pitching was their one big need.

Milwaukee has a new LF. I think that this is not going to work out well as he’s more of a BABIP luck player.

Good move by Houston. Similar good bullpen move by Minnesota.

Good depth move by Cincinnati.

Interesting gamble by St. Louis

Another interesting gamble, this time by Toronto.

Giod upside move by Milwaukee.

An intriguing upside play by Milwaukee.

Good move by the Chicago White Sox, they need more however.

The Los Angeles Angels’ horrible offseason continues. This is what they do to build a contender around the game’s best hitter?!

Upside play by Kansas City.

Solid signing by Minnesota.

OK move by the Chicago Cubs.

Solid move by Houston, but a downgrade at catcher if he’s a starter.

Good move by Detroit. The former was followed by this similar one.

The Chicago White Sox improve the rotation.

Very good signing and upgrade at 1B by Toronto

Shocking questionable signing by Toronto. Why were both LA teams and Minnesota unable to beat this contract? Why did Toronto sign an injury-prone starter in his 30’a while they’re rebuilding? I do however think that this will end up being a very bad contract.

Solid though potentially overpriced signing by San Diego.

Solid signing by Miami.

Good signing by Cleveland, who now have filled their vacancy at 2B.

Solid signing by Arizona.

Good signing by the New York Mets.

Solid signing by the Chicago White Sox.

Solid gamble by Toronto.

Good signing by Miami.

Unneeded gamble by Cincinnati.

A letdown from Minnesota. If getting a bottom of the rotation starter and an injury-prone “past his sudden breakout” starter are their big rotation moves, they may have already ceded the division to Cleveland.

Finally some good news out of Anaheim. A solid signing.

Washington improves their bullpen.

Yet another solid move by Washington.

One more solid move by Washington.

Good move by San Diego.

Solid signing by Baltimore.

Solid move by Washington. They then did another one.

The Chicago White Sox improves their bullpen.

Texas improved at catcher with a good signing.

Arizona improved their bullpen.

Interesting trade. I’m not sure who won.

Potential bargain for Arizona. It’s an overpay if his power doesn’t come back however.

Did Milwaukee go cheap at 3B or get good bench depth?

Good gamble by Minnesota.

Good bargain signing by Texas.

Good move by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Solid signing by Detroit.

Terrible deal for Minnesota, who are now stuck with a declining player about to be past his prime, who was injured for most of two years just prior to his contract year.

Good signing by San Francisco.

Good move by Atlanta to get a new middle of the order bat. In fact it’s an upgrade.

Decent move by Kansas City.

Interesting move by the New York Mets.

Solid move by the Chicago Cubs.

Miami signed a new closer. Good move.

Solid move for Cincinnati.

Great move for Arizona and one that Pittsburgh had to make.

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