Great result for Minnesota as SP Jake Odorizzi accepted his Qualifying Offer. I don’t think that he would’ve made that much on the open market and if he improves in 2020 and proves himself to be consistent and not just a one year fluke, he should command more money, especially without attached draft pick compensation. This also gives Minnesota less rotation holes to fill this offseason.

1B Jose Abreu stays in Chicago. 33 year old first basemen aren’t really in high demand these days, especially if a team has to give up a draft pick to sign them. This was the right move for Abreu and a solid result for the White Sox.

Atlanta finally has a good closer. The lack of a lengthy track record concerns me, but it’s a good move for them as regards to their bullpen and a strong contract for Will Smith. Smith declined the QO in order to sign with Atlanta.

The remaining QO recipients declined their offers, but unlike Smith are yet to sign new contracts. All of them made the obvious choice.

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