Good bullpen upgrade by the New York Mets.

A blockbuster trade between Cleveland, Tampa Bay & Seattle. This is strictly a cost-cutting move for Cleveland and I feel that they gave up too much, so it will depend a lot on what they do with their savings. Tampa Bay won their end of the trade, but now need to work out their starting lineup. Seattle won their end too.

A solid deal for Milwaukee and Texas.

The Los Angeles Dodgers overpaid but improved their bullpen.

Potentially a slight overpay for the Chicago White Sox, though still a solid deal.

Solid signing for Minnesota.

Seattle finally got their closer in a solid deal.

The Chicago Cubs made a solid addition to their bullpen, while Atlanta continued to disappoint by not being able to top $3 million for badly needed bullpen help.

Solid signing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, though I don’t see him making that much of a difference.

Good move for the New York Mets to solidify their bullpen. Cleveland did good too.

Is Oakland even trying to return to the playoffs?

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