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The biggest news story in the world these days is the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. People are quarantining themselves, cities and countries are being practically shut down, and sports leagues around the world are postponing their seasons. Major League Baseball is of course one of those leagues. The big question on the fans’ minds when it comes to the

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Good bullpen upgrade by the New York Mets. A blockbuster trade between Cleveland, Tampa Bay & Seattle. This is strictly a cost-cutting move for Cleveland and I feel that they gave up too much, so it will depend a lot on what they do with their savings. Tampa Bay won their end of the trade, but now need to work

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Thank you for checking out my blog. My name is Neil and I’ve been a fan of Major League Baseball for over 20 years. I follow every game, study its history and statistics, play Fantasy Baseball annually (and generally win most of my leagues, sorry for the bragging but hey it’s my blog), and love the game. I hope that

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