The New York Yankees acquired Andrew McCutchen in a trade that would’ve been huge a couple of years ago. San Francisco received at least something in return for the former superstar, while the Bronx Bombers now have a temporary replacement for Aaron Judge that is better than Neil Walker and Shane Robinson and a solid bench piece upon Judge’s return.

Milwaukee finally strengthened their rotation. Washington threw in the towel and traded Gio Gonzalez. He hasn’t been impressive this season and wasn’t going to fetch much in return, but he also wasn’t good enough to re-sign do receiving anything in return for him was a good move. He will also strengthen Milwaukee’s rotation due to his experience. They also added bullpen help in another good trade.

Oakland added bullpen help as well. The Los Angeles Dodgers improved their bullpen too and in my opinion received the best upgrade.

Toronto traded Josh Donaldson to Cleveland. Josh Donaldson is gone from Toronto. He was having a bad season and was hitting free agency after playing on a rebuilding team that has Vladimir Guerrero Jr. waiting in the wings. In other words, it was time for Toronto to move on. If Donaldson is healthy and producing, Cleveland may be the favorites in the AL.

The New York Yankees added bench help and the Los Angeles Dodgers improved in the same area. Neither trade will likely be a big factor going forward, but both were solid depth moves.

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