I do not include pre-arbitration or arbitration players here as they’re almost always valuable to the team, this is meant to strictly look at contracts given out as extensions or on the free agent market. I also didn’t include bench players or regular relievers and rounded the numbers when necessary.

Abreu, José +$7.1 Million/+2.7 WAR

Andrus, Elvis +$3.8 Million/+2.7 WAR

Aoki, Nori -$2.7 Million/-1.3 WAR

Archer, Chris +$283,334/-0.7 WAR

Arroyo, Bronson -$535,000/-3.4 WAR

Aybar, Erick -$950,000/-1.8 WAR

Bailey, Homer -$19 Million/-2.8 WAR

Bautista, Jose -$18 Million/-3.7 WAR

Belisle, Matt -$1.65 Million/-1.9 WAR

Belt, Brandon +$8 Million/+1 WAR

Beltran, Carlos -$16 Million/-2.6 WAR

Braun, Ryan -$15.2 Million/-0.8 WAR

Bruce, Jay -$1.8 Million/+0.8 WAR

Bumgarner, Madison +$500,000/+1 WAR

Cabrera, Melky -$15 Million/-3.7 WAR

Cabrera, Miguel -$28 Million/-2.8 WAR

Cahill, Trevor -$500,000/-1.7 WAR

Cain, Matt -$21 Million/-2.5 WAR

Calhoun, Kole +$2.4 Million/+0.1 WAR

Cano, Robinson -$10.4 Million/+1.4 WAR

Carpenter, Matt +$1.6 Million/+0.9 WAR

Carrasco, Carlos +$15.5 Million/+3.5 WAR

Cashner, Andrew +$7.2 Million/+2.3 WAR

Castillo, Welington +$2.4 Million/+0.1 WAR

Castro, Jason +$2.5 Million/+0.5 WAR

Castro, Starlin -$1.86 Million

Cervelli, Francisco -$6.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Cespedes, Yoenis -$14.1 Million/+0.1 WAR

Chacin, Jhoulys +$8.25 Million/+0.5 WAR

Chapman, Aroldis -$13.2 Million/-1 WAR

Chavez, Jesse -$5.75 Million/-2.2 WAR

Chen, Wei-Yin -$13.9 Million/-1.6 WAR

Chirinos, Robinson +$8.85 Million/+0.7 WAR

Choo, Shin-Soo -$15.6 Million/-0.9 WAR

Cishek, Steve -0.4 WAR

Colon, Bartolo -$12.5 Million/-3.9 WAR

Crawford, Brandon +$600,000/+0.2 WAR

Cruz, Nelson +$2.15 Million/+2.1 WAR

Cueto, Johnny -$14.6 Million/-0.2 WAR

Darvish, Yu +$4.2 Million/+1.8 WAR

Davis, Chris -$23 Million/-2.1 WAR

Davis, Rajai -$4.8 Million/-1.7 WAR

Desmond, Ian -$8 Million/-3.1 WAR

Dickey, R. A. +$500,000

Duke, Zach -$4.7 Million/-1.8 WAR

Ellsbury, Jacoby -$14.3 Million/-0.3 WAR

Encarnacion, Edwin -$3.5 Million/+0.8 WAR

Estrada, Marco -$5.7 Million/+0.2 WAR

Feldman, Scott -$300,000/-1.5 WAR

Fister, Doug -$1.35 Million/-1.9 WAR

Fowler, Dexter -$10.1 Million/-0.4 WAR

Freeman, Freddie -$2.5 Million/+2.5 WAR

Freese, David +$1.75 Million

Gallardo, Yovani -$11 Million/-2.2 WAR

Garcia, Jaime -$7.2 Million/-0.8 WAR

Gardner, Brett +$7.1 Million/+2.9 WAR

Garza, Matt -$12.5 Million/-2.2 WAR

Gomez, Carlos -$4.7 Million/-0.3 WAR

Gonzalez, Carlos -$20 Million/-2.2 WAR

Gordon, Alex -$15.6 Million/-1.9 WAR

Gordon, Dee +$4.6 Million/+1.1 WAR

Gonzalez, Gio +$13.6 Million/+4.4 WAR

Grandal, Yasmani +$3.3 Million/+0.2 WAR

Greinke, Zack -$9.6 Million/+4.1 WAR

Gurriel, Yuli -$4 Million/+0.6 WAR

Gyorko, Jedd +$8.8 Million/+1.7 WAR

Hamels, Cole -$12.7 Million/+0.7 WAR

Hammel, Jason -$1.4 Million/-0.6 WAR

Happ, J.A. +$1.4 Million/+1.6 WAR

Hardy, J.J. -$14 Million/-2.5 WAR

Headley, Chase -$5.8 Million/-0.2 WAR

Hernandez, Felix -$23.65 Million/-1.2 WAR

Hellickson, Jeremy -$16 Million/-1.7 WAR

Heyward, Jason -$19 Million/+0.3 WAR

Hill, Rich -$3.9 Million/+0.2 WAR

Holland, Derek -$7.5 Million/-3.6 WAR

Holliday, Matt -$14 Million/-2 WAR

Hunter, Tommy +3.4 Million/-0.7 WAR

Iannetta, Chris +$5.7 Million/-0.2 WAR

Inciarte, Ender +$9.3 Million/+1 WAR

Jansen, Kenley +$2.8 Million/+1 WAR

Jimenez, Ubaldo -$13.5 Million/-3.4 WAR

Johnson, Jim -$5 Million/-3 WAR

Jones, Adam -$5.9 Million/+0.6 WAR

Joyce, Matt +$1.8 Million/-0.3 WAR

Kemp, Matt -$21.75 Million/-3.3 WAR

Kennedy, Ian -$11.5 Million/-1.5 WAR

Kershaw, Clayton -$16 Million/+2.9 WAR

Kiermaier, Kevin +$17.2 Million/+3.1 WAR

Kinsler, Ian -$2.6 Million/+0.1 WAR

Kintzler, Brandon +$3.5 Million/-0.4 WAR

Kipnis, Jason -$7.6 Million/-1.6 WAR

Kluber, Corey +$25.1 Million/+6.2 WAR

Lackey, John -$11.6 Million/-0.9 WAR

Leake, Mike -$11.4 Million/-0.1 WAR

Lester, Jon -$22.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Liriano, Francisco -$13.7 Million/-2.3 WAR

Longoria, Evan +$1.4 Million/+1.6 WAR

Lowrie, Jed +$9.5 Million/+2 WAR

Madson, Ryan +2.7 Million/+0.6 WAR

Maeda, Kenta -$1.1 Million/-1.5 WAR

Markakis, Nick -$8.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Martin, Russell -$14 Million/-0.5 WAR

Martinez, Carlos +$8.3 Million/+1 WAR

Martinez, Victor -$18 Million/-2.6 WAR

Mauer, Joe -$9.4 Million/+1.4 WAR

Melancon, Mark -$8,600,000/-1.9 WAR

McCann, Brian -$12.2 Million/-0.8 WAR

McCarthy Brandon -$8.7 Million/-1.3 WAR

McCutchen, Andrew -$4.4 Million/+4 WAR

McGee, Jake -$700,000/-0.7 WAR

Miley, Wade -$8.9 Million/-2.2 WAR

Miller, Andrew +$3.4 Million/+1.1 WAR

Molina, Yadier -$6 Million

Moore, Matt -$7 Million/-2.3 WAR

Morales, Kendrys -$10 Million/-2.2 WAR

Moreland, Mitch +$2.5 Million

Morrison, Logan +$12.3 Million/+1.7 WAR

Morton, Charlie -$200,000/-0.2 WAR

Moss, Brandon -$3.75 Million/-3 WAR

Murphy, Daniel -$800,000/+0.8 WAR

Myers, Wil +$3.9 Million/+0.1 WAR

Napoli, Mike -$6 Million/-2.4 WAR

Neshek, Pat +$4.7 Million/+0.8 WAR

Nolasco, Ricky -$9.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Nova, Ivan +$1.1 Million/+0.2 WAR

Odor, Rougned -$1.3 Million/-1.8 WAR

Parra, Gerardo -$4.8 Million/-1.2 WAR

Pearce, Steve -$6.25 Million/-2 WAR

Pedroia, Dustin -$9 Million/-0.5 WAR

Pelfrey, Mike -$8 Million/-3.1 WAR

Pence, Hunter -$17.7 Million/-1.8 WAR

Phillips, Brandon -$14.5 Million/-2.2 WAR

Price, David -$23.6 Million/-0.4 WAR

Porcello, Rick -$20.1 Million/-2.2 WAR

Posey, Buster -$5 Million/+2.1 WAR

Puig, Yasiel +$6.6 Million/+1.7 WAR

Pujols, Albert -$26 Million/-3.8 WAR

Quintana, Jose +$5 Million/+0.5 WAR

Ramirez, Hanley -$22.75 Million/-2.3 WAR

Ramos, Wilson -$3.6 Million/-1.9 WAR

Reddick, Josh +$4.2 Million/+2.3 WAR

Reed, Addison +$1.85 Million/+0.4 WAR

Reynolds, Mark +$2.1 Million/-1.1 WAR

Richard, Clayton +$250,000/-1.5 WAR

Rizzo, Anthony +$10.2 Million/+2.3 WAR

Rodney, Fernando -$1.55 Million/-1.7 WAR

Ryu, Hyun-Jin +$2.6 Million/-0.7 WAR

Sabathia, CC -$13.8 Million/+0.8 WAR

Sale, Chris +$12 Million/+4 WAR

Samardzija, Jeff -$9.8 Million/+0.5 WAR

Sanchez, Anibal -$16.8 Million/-2.7 WAR

Santana, Ervin +$4.9 Million/+2.6 WAR

Scherzer, Max +$6.3 Million/+5.1 WAR

Seager, Kyle -$1 Million/+0.5 WAR

Shields, James -$19.8 Million/-1.7 WAR

Simmons, Andrelton +$20.4 Million/+5.1 WAR

Smith, Joe +$2.2 Million/-0.7 WAR

Smith, Seth -$5.8 Million/-1.7 WAR

Soria, Joakim -$3.6 Million/-0.9 WAR

Span, Denard -$11 Million/-3.1 WAR

Stanton, Giancarlo +$15.9 Million/+5.6 WAR

Strasburg, Stephen +$6.5 Million/+4.2 WAR

Strop, Pedro -$1.1 Million/-0.9 WAR

Tanaka, Masahiro -$17.6 Million/-0.9 WAR

Thames, Eric +$1.6 Million/-0.6 WAR

Tomas, Yasmany -$9.5 Million/-2.5 WAR

Trout, Mike +$6.7 Million/+4.7 WAR

Trumbo, Mark -$11.5 Million/-2.5 WAR

Tulowitzki, Troy -$19.6 Million/-1.9 WAR

Vargas, Jason +$7.6 Million/+1.9 WAR

Verlander, Justin $-2 Million/+4.5 WAR

Volquez, Edinson -$6.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Votto, Joey +$8 Million/+5.5 WAR

Wainwright, Adam -$18.7 Million/-1.8 WAR

Walker, Neil -$11.6 Million/-0.6 WAR

Werth, Jayson -$21 Million/-2.7 WAR

Wieters, Matt -$10.5 Million/-2.6 WAR

Wong, Kolten +$4.7 Million/-0.2 WAR

Wood, Travis -$4 Million/-3.7 WAR

Ziegler, Brad -$7 Million/-2.7 WAR

Zimmerman, Ryan -$3.2 Million/+0.7 WAR

Zimmermann, Jordan -$16.8 Million/-1.7 WAR

Zobrist, Ben -$14.5 Million/-1.5 WAR

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