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For a team playing in the biggest market in the country, the New York Mets are strangely acting as if they’re a small market team. As the teams around them are making moves, they’re sitting still. What should they do?

1. Part ways with David Wright.

David Wright is a New York Mets legend, but also someone who has become a selfish recipient of an ill-advised extension. Let’s be realistic, he will never be a starter again and he’s barely useful coming off the bench when he can barely play in the field. The only thing that he’s doing now is collecting a large paycheck. The team should pursue insurance options to void the contract or release him. Worst case, ask him to retire and if he does not, badmouth his selfishness to the media so he can be driven out of town. Too harsh? Well is it better to commit over $20 million a year to someone who can’t play? Wright should retire but he wants to be paid at the expense of the team.

2. Sign 1-2 cheap inning-eaters for the rotation and for pitching depth.

Anibal Sanchez, Miguel Gonzalez, Jaime Garcia, Andrew Cashner… no point in overspending for the top options, but signing veterans who can eat innings and who might even have some limited upside ( Sanchez, Cashner) is the best option. 2018 looks like a year where they will see if they can contend, or if they need to rebuild.

3. Sign Logan Morrison to play 1B

2/20 should be enough to get a solid 1B.

4. Sign Todd Frazier or Mike Moustakas to play 3B.

The 3B market doesn’t seem to be very active right now. In other words, sign a badly needed solid 3B with power while you have the chance.

Projected Pitching Rotation:

Noah Syndergaard

Jacob DeGrom

Matt Harvey/Andrew Cashner/Jaime Garcia/Stephen Matz/Rafael Montero/Miguel Gonzalez for the final three spots.

Batting Order:

1. CF Michael Conforto

2. 2B Asdrubal Cabrera

3. LF Yoenis Cespedes

4. 3B Todd Frazier or Mike Moustakas

5. RF Jay Bruce

6. 1B Logan Morrison

7. SS Amed Rosario

8. C Travis D’Arnaud

9. Pitcher

Add a bullpen with A.J. Ramos and Jeurys Familia in their contract years, and there’s definite potential here. I know that Bernie Madoff cost the Wilson’s a lot of money, but if they can’t afford to field a team in this market then they need to sell the team.

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