I do not include pre-arbitration or arbitration players here as they’re almost always valuable to the team, this is meant to strictly look at contracts given out as extensions or on the free agent market. I also didn’t include bench players or regular relievers and rounded the numbers when necessary.

Abreu, José -$2.8 Million/+2.2 WAR

Acuña Jr., Ronald -$3.8 Million/+0.6 WAR

Altuve, José -$8.6 Million/+3.1 WAR

Anderson, Tyler +$9.2 Million/+2.3 WAR

Andrus, Elvis -$2.3 Million/+1.0 WAR

Archer, Chris -$2.75 Million/-2.0 WAR

Arenado, Nolan -$3.4 Million/+5.9 WAR

Albies, Ozzie -$1.4 Million/-1.1 WAR

Báez, Javier -$9.6 Million/+0.6 WAR

Bard, Daniel +$9.2 Million/+1.8 WAR

Barnhart, Tucker -$7.5 Million/-2.0 WAR

Belt, Brandon -$17.2 Million/-1.7 WAR

Berríos, José -$10.7 Million/-2.5 WAR

Betts, Mookie +$2.7 Million/+4.4 WAR

Blackmon, Charlie -$21 Million/-2.2 WAR

Bogaerts, Xander +$2.8 Million/+3.7 WAR

Brantley, Michael -$10.8 Million/-0.9 WAR

Bregman, Alex +$9 Million/+2.5 WAR

Bryant, Kris -$16.4 Million/-1.6 WAR

Bumgarner, Madison -$23 Million/-2.8 WAR

Bundy, Dylan -$4 Million/-2.4 WAR

Buxton, Byron +$6.9 Million/+2.0 WAR

Cabrera, Miguel -$32 Million/-3.0 WAR

Canha, Mark -$3.4 Million/+0.4 WAR

Carrasco, Carlos -$4.95 Million/-0.7 WAR

Castellanos, Nick -$20 Million/-2.1 WAR

Chapman, Aroldis -$16 Million/-2.2 WAR

Cobb, Alex +$1.4 Million/+0.6 WAR

Cole, Gerrit -$26.4 Million/+0.4 WAR

Corbin, Patrick -$23.4 Million/-4.5 WAR

Correa, Carlos -$13.5 Million/+3.4 WAR

Crawford, Brandon -$12.8 Million/-1.4 WAR

Crawford, J.P. +$5.2 Million/+0.8 WAR

Cron, C.J. +$1.1 Million/+0.1 WAR

Cruz, Nelson -$11.2 Million/-1.8 WAR

Cueto, Johnny +1.5 WAR

d’Arnaud, Travis +$3.6 Million/+0.9 WAR

Darvish, Yu -$4 Million/+2.5 WAR

Davies, Zach +$1.3 Million/-1.3 WAR

deGrom, Jacob -$31.1 Million/-0.6 WAR

Donaldson, Josh -$12.1 Million/+0.4 WAR

Drury, Brandon +$9.7 Million/+0.6 WAR

Eovaldi, Nathan -$11 Million/-0.5 WAR

Escobar, Eduardo -$5.2 Million/-0.8 WAR

Franco, Wander +$9 Million/+0.6 WAR

Freeland, Kyle +$2.6 Million/+0.4 WAR

Freeman, Freddie -$3.4 Million/+3.9 WAR

García, Avisaíl -$12 Million/-3.1 WAR

Gausman, Kevin -$9 Million/+1.0 WAR

Gibson, Kyle -$7.3 Million/-1.4 WAR

Goldschmidt, Paul +$5.2 Million/+5.8 WAR

Gonzales, Marco -$5.75 Million/-2.1 WAR

Grandal, Yasmani -$18 million/-3.5 WAR

Gray, Jon -$9.6 Million/-0.6 WAR

Gray, Sonny -$700 K/+0.3 WAR

Greinke, Zack -$3 Million/+0.5 WAR

Grichuk, Randal -$9.1 Million/-1.7 WAR

Gurriel, Yuli -$8 Million/-2.3 WAR

Harrison, Josh +$2.4 Million/-0.4 WAR

Harper, Bryce -$17.5 Million/+0.5 WAR

Heaney, Andrew -$5.7 Million/-1.3 WAR

Hendricks, Kyle -$12 Million/-1.5 WAR

Hendriks, Liam -$6.7 Million/-0.3 WAR

Hill, Rich -$1.4 Million/-1.1 WAR

Hosmer, Eric -$16.6 Million/-0.9 WAR

Iglesias, José -$200 K/-0.8 WAR

Iglesias, Raisel -$3.6 Million/-0.4 WAR

Jansen, Kenley -$12.4 Million/-1.1 WAR

Jiménez, Eloy -$500 K/-0.3 WAR

Kelly, Merrill +$9 Million/+1.5 WAR

Kershaw, Clayton -$1.8 Million/+1.8 WAR

Kiermaier, Kevin -$7.7 Million/-0.9 WAR

Kimbrel, Craig -$15.2 Million/-1.8 WAR

Kluber, Corey -$5.6 Million/-1.4 WAR

Lindor, Francisco -$12.5 Million/+3.7 WAR

Longoria, Evan -$17.3 Million/-1.4 WAR

Lorenzen, Michael -$3 Million/-1.0 WAR

Lyles, Jordan -$4 Million/-1.0 WAR

Lynn, Lance $6 Million/-1.2 WAR

Machado, Manny -$4.8 Million/+4.8 WAR

Maldonado, Martín -$4.2 Million/-1.8 WAR

Marte, Starling -$550 K/+1.8 WAR

Martinez, J.D. -$14.9 Million/-0.9 WAR

Márquez, Germán -$5.7 Million/-0.6 WAR

McCutchen, Andrew -$4.1 Million/-0.9 WAR

Melancon, Mark -$6 Million/-2.9 WAR

Merrifield, Whit -$7 Million/-2.0 WAR

McCullers Jr., Lance -$9.55 Million/-0.6 WAR

Mikolas, Miles -$7.4 Million/+0.4 WAR

Minor, Mike -$7 Million/-2.6 WAR

Molina, Yadier -$9.2 Million/-1.8 WAR

Morton, Charlie -$15.6 Million/-0.4 WAR

Moustakas, Mike -$16 Million/-3.0 WAR

Muncy, Max -$2.2 Million/+0.7 WAR

Nola, Aaron +$8.5 Million/+4.0 WAR

Odor, Rougned -$12 Million/-2.4 WAR

Odorizzi, Jake -$8 Million/-2.1 WAR

Ohtani, Shohei +$32.8 Million/+7.6 WAR

Olson, Matt -$1.4 Million/+1.4 WAR

Ozuna, Marcell -$16 Million/-2.8 WAR

Pederson, Joc -$800 K/-0.7 WAR

Pérez, Martín +$16 Million/+3.0 WAR

Perez, Salvador -$5.2 Million/+0.7 WAR

Pham, Tommy -$4.8 Million/-1.3 WAR

Polanco, Jorge +$5.7 Million/+0.8 WAR

Pressly, Ryan. -$6.4 Million/-1.1 WAR

Profar, Jurickson +$5.1 Million/+1.1 WAR

Pollock, A.J. -$15.6 Million/-1.4 WAR

Pujols, Albert +$6.3 Million/+0.2 WAR

Quintana, José +$12 Million/+1.5 WAR

Ramírez, José +$2 Million/+4.0 WAR

Ray, Robbie -$12.6 Million/+0.1 WAR

Realmuto, J.T. +$2.1 Million/+4.5 WAR

Rendon, Anthony -$32.5 Million/-1.0 WAR

Rizzo, Anthony -$6.8 Million/+0.3 WAR

Robert, Luis +$2.4 Million/+0.1 WAR

Rodón, Carlos +$100 K/+3.4 WAR

Rodriguez, Eduardo -$13.9 Million/-1.9 WAR

Rojas, Miguel +$5 Million/+0.5 WAR

Rosario, Eddie -$9 Million/-3.6 WAR

Ryu-Hyun-Jin -$20 Million/-2.3 WAR

Sale, Chris -$30 Million/-2.0 WAR

Sánchez, Anibal -$3.8 Million/-1.2 WAR

Sano, Miguel, -$9.25 Million/-2.8 WAR

Santana, Carlos -$5.7 Million/-0.8 WAR

Scherzer, Max -$22.1 Million/+3.3 WAR

Schoop, Jonathan -$6.7 Million/-1.8 WAR

Schwarber, Kyle -$10.2 Million/+0.2 WAR

Seager, Corey -$16.6 Million/+2.1 WAR

Segura, Jean -$7.65 Million/-0.2 WAR

Semien, Marcus -$2.2 Million/+3.7 WAR

Severino, Luis -$5.1 Million/-0.4 WAR

Smyly, Drew +$3.3 Million/-0.1 WAR

Solano, Donovan -$1.3 Million/-1.2 WAR

Soler, Jorge -$10.4 Million/-1.6 WAR

Springer, George -$13.7 Million/-+2.0 WAR

Stanton, Giancarlo -$26.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Stassi, Max -$3 Million/-2.4 WAR

Story, Trevor -$10 Million/+0.5 WAR

Strasburg, Stephen -$35 Million/-2.3 WAR

Stripling, Ross +$7 Million/+0.7 WAR

Stroman, Marcus -$15 Million/+0.5 WAR

Suárez, Eugenio +$5.2 Million/+2.0 WAR

Suzuki, Seiya Worth his $8 Million/2.0 WAR

Syndergaard, Noah -$13.8 Million/-0.2 WAR

Taylor, Chris -$13 Million/-1.5 WAR

Taylor, Michael A. +$8.3 Million/+1.2 WAR

Trout, Mike -$11.9 Million/+4.3 WAR

Turner, Justin -$16.4 Million/-0.1 WAR

Ureña, José -$50k/-1.7 WAR

Verlander, Justin -$1.4 Million/+3.9 WAR

Vogelbach, Daniel +$4.1 Million/-0.6 WAR

Votto, Joey -$25 Million/-2.3 WAR

Wacha, Michael +$6.2 Million/+1.3 WAR

Wainwright, Adam -$10.3 Million/-0.2 WAR

Walker, Taijuan +$3.6 Million/+0.4 WAR

Wheeler, Zack -$6 Million/+3.0 WAR

Wong, Kolten +$4.3 Million/+1.2 WAR

Wood, Alex +$11.3 Million/-1.7 WAR

Yelich, Christian -$17.2 Million/+0.7 WAR

Zunino, Mike -$7 Million/-2.8 WAR

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