I decided to look at potential bargain pitchers. These players are all likely to be affordable for most teams and available on short-term contracts.


1. RP Taylor Williams

He has never been able to put it all together, but at 30 years old there might still be a chance. His K/9 the last 3 seasons: 9.68, 9.20, 12.27. His FIP’s ranged from 3.40 to 3.95. He has high BB/9 and his vFA went down annually but perhaps a fox could be found? His slider for example had a 3.3 rating last year.

2. RP Derek Law

His vFA has hovered around 94 his whole career and his K/9 in 60.2 innings last season was 9.94. His K/9 this year is 8.40 in 15 IP. Law’s best pitch is his curveball, which received a 4.6 rating last season, but only a -0.6 one this season. Interestingly, he only threw it at a 19.2% rate last season and 11.0% this one. He has been focusing on his slider, that received a 4.8 rating back in 2016, but it’s been largely ineffective since. Would throwing his curveball more and working on his slider improve results?

3. RP Kyle Barraclough

Barraclough has elite K/9, ranging from 9.70 to 14.00, with 12.46 this season. His walk rates are very high however, but could his control be improved?

4. RP Hunter Strickland

I don’t think that he’s much of a secret at this point. His vFA is 95.0 and he has solid K/9 rates typically every year. He’s still only 32.

5. RP Heath Hembree

Another one who isn’t much of a secret, but that vFA of 95.5 and a 12.88 K/9 in 58.0 IP have to be intriguing. If his control can be improved, he could potentially be dominant.

6. RP Michael Feliz

He had elite K/9 over 10.00 basically his entire career, topping out at 13.15 in 65 IP in 2016. Is that too long ago? He had 10.80 just last year in 1.2 IP and 11.66 in 56.1 in 2019. Giving his control could go a long way as he’s only 28.


1. Daniel Norris

He has pretty strong K/9 rates, going from 10.35 in 44.1 innings in 2018 to 9.16 in 57.0 innings this season. His pitches have been all over the place in ratings, but his fastball was rated 2.7 this season, his slider was rated 5.6 in 2019, and his changeup got 3.1 that year. If his control can be improved and his pitches worked on, there’s potential there. After all, he’s still only 28 years old.

2. RP Jesse Biddle

He averages over 9 K/9 and is only 28 years old. His control is his biggest issue, but if that can be fixed, he can be pretty useful.

3. RP Alberto Baldonado

Career minor leaguer at 28, who has elite K/9 numbers. He had 10.13 in 10.2 IP after his call-up this season. Another pitcher whose control is his biggest issue.

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