I didn’t include bench players or regular relievers.

Abreu, José -$5.7 Million/+1.0 WAR

Acuna Jr., Ronald +$9.4 Million/+1.6 WAR

Ahmed, Nick -$5.1 Million/-1.3 WAR

Albies, Ozzie +$11 Million/+1.5 WAR

Altuve, Jose -$11.4 Million/+2.2 WAR

Anderson, Tim +$11.2 Million/+2.6 WAR

Andrus, Elvis -$11.9 Million/-1.4 WAR

Archer, Chris -$6.5 Million/-2.1 WAR

Arenado, Nolan -$18.2 Million/+2.2 WAR

Arrieta, Jake -$4 Million/-4.6 WAR

Bard, Daniel -$3 Million/-1.2 WAR

Bauer, Trevor -$28.8 Million/+0.8 WAR

Belt, Brandon -$6.4 Million/+0.7 WAR

Betts, Mookie -$14.1 Million/+2.2 WAR

Blackmon, Charlie -$17.9 Million/-1.1 WAR

Bogaerts, Xander -$400 K/+2.9 WAR

Brantley, Michael -$6 Million/+0.5 WAR

Bregman, Alex -$4.6 Million/+0.1 WAR

Bumgarner, Madison -$12.2 Million/-0.3 WAR

Cabrera, Miguel -$30 Million/-2.5 WAR

Cain, Lorenzo -$8.2 Million/+0.2 WAR

Calhoun, Kole -$8 Million/-2.1 WAR

Carrasco, Carlos -$12 Million/-2.9 WAR

Castellanos, Nick -0.8 Million/+1.3 WAR

Chapman, Aroldis -$10 Million/+0.5 WAR

Cobb, Alex -$8.8 Million/-0.3 WAR

Cole, Gerrit -$13.6 Million/+3.6 WAR

Corbin, Patrick -$24.4 Million/-3.0 WAR

Crawford, Brandon +$9.2 Million/+4.1 WAR

Cron, C.J. +$13.5 Million/+1.4 WAR

Cruz, Nelson -$3 Million/+0.5 WAR

Cueto, Johnny -$18.6 Million/-1.2 WAR

D’Arnaud, Travis -$7.2 Million/-1.8 WAR

Darvish, Yu -$16.8 Million/-0.7 WAR

DeGrom, Jacob -$15.5 Million/+3.0 WAR

DeSclafani, Anthony +$9.6 Million/+1.9 WAR

Diaz, Edwin -$3 Million

Donaldson, Josh -$7.4 Million/+1.2 WAR

Eaton, Adam -$1.5 Million/-2.7 WAR

Eovaldi, Nathan +$1.4 Million/+2.6 WAR

Escobar, Alcides +5.9 Million/+0.5 WAR

Escobar, Eduardo +$2.7 Million/+0.6 WAR

Freeman, Freddie -$3.2 Million/+2.7 WAR

Garcia, Avisail +$900 K/+0.9 WAR

Garcia, Leury +$4.5 Million

Gausman, Kevin +$2.5 Million/+3.3 WAR

Gibson, Kyle +$5.1 Million/+1.7 WAR

Goldschmidt, Paul -$1.2 Million/+4.2 WAR

Grandal, Yasmani -$4.5 Million/+1.7 WAR

Gray, Sonny +$3.5 Million/+1.4 WAR

Gregorius, Didi -$12.8 Million/-2.8 WAR

Greinke, Zack -$30.2 Million/-0.8 WAR

Grichuk, Randal -$7.1 Million/-1.2 WAR

Grossman, Robbie +$6.2 Million/+0.8 WAR

Gurriel, Yuli +$8.3 Million/+1.7 WAR

Hand, Brad -$10.5 Million/-1.3 WAR

Happ, J.A. -$8 Million/-3.5 WAR

Harper, Bryce -$3.9 Million/+3.9 WAR

Harvey, Matt -$1.1 Million/-2.7 WAR

Hendricks, Kyle -$10.4 Million/-1.1 WAR

Hendriks, Liam -$900 K/+1.6 WAR

Hernandez, Cesar -$3.4 Million/-1.6 WAR

Hernández, Enrique +$13.9 Million/+2.9 WAR

Herrera, Odubel -$3.2 Million/-0.2 WAR

Heyward, Jason -$19.4 Million/-1.6 WAR

Hicks, Aaron -$10.8 Million/-2.3 WAR

Hill, Rich +$2.7 Million/-0.7 WAR

Hosmer, Eric -$17 Million/-1.0 WAR

Jansen, Kenley -$10.8 Million/+1.3 WAR

Jiménez, Eloy -$2.7 Million/-1.4 WAR

Kennedy, Ian +$5.5 Million/+0.4 WAR

Kershaw, Clayton -$21.4 Million/+0.4 WAR

Keuchel, Dallas $-17.6 Million/-1.9 WAR

Kiermaier, Kevin +$2.5 Million/+1.4 WAR

Kikuchi, Yusei -$10.2 Million/-0.3 WAR

Kimbrel, Craig -$6 Million/+1.5 WAR

Kluber, Corey -$5.4 Million/-0.6 WAR

La Stella, Tommy -$400 K/-1.6 WAR

LeMahieu, DJ -$9 Million/-0.5 WAR

Lester, Jon -$10 Million/-2.3 WAR

Longoria, Evan -$11.5 Million/-0.2 WAR

Lowrie, Jed +$300 K/-1.9 WAR

Lyles, Jordan -$8 Million/-2.2 WAR

Lynn, Lance +$12.3 Million/+3.4 WAR

Machado, Manny -$11.6 Million/+3.1 WAR

Maeda, Kenta -$1.5 Million/-1.6 WAR

Maldonado, Martin -$4 Million/-2.1 WAR

Marte, Starling +$6.3 Million/+2.7 WAR

Martinez, Carlos -$11.7 Million/-3.4 WAR

Martinez, J.D. -$7.3 Million/+1.0 WAR

Marquez, German +$5.6 Million/+1.3 WAR

McCann, James -$8.2 Million/-2.2 WAR

McCutchen, Andrew -$14.4 Million/-0.6 WAR

McGee, Jake +$1.6 Million/-0.1 WAR

Merrifield, Whit +$5.8/+1.5 WAR

Melancon, Mark +$6.4 Million/+1.1 WAR

Mikolas, Miles -$17 Million/-2.1 WAR

Miley, Wade +$16 Million/+4.0 WAR

Minor, Mike -$7 Million/-1.0 WAR

Molina, Yadier -$1.8 Million/-0.2 WAR

Moncada, Yoán +$9.2 Million/+2.0 WAR

Moreland, Mitch -$2.25 Million/-2.0 WAR

Morton, Charlie -$6.2 Million/+2.2 WAR

Moustakas, Mike -$14 Million/-3.0 WAR

Myers, Wil -$19.2 Million/-1.2 WAR

Neris, Hector -$0.2 Million/+0.2 WAR

Nola, Aaron -$2.8 Million/+0.7 WAR

Odorizzi, Jake -$6.2 Million/-1.3 WAR

Ozuna, Marcell -$12 Million/-2.2 WAR

Peralta, David -$3.1 Million/-0.9 WAR

Perez, Salvador +$7 Million/+3.3 WAR

Pineda, Michael -$4.4 Million/-0.6 WAR

Polanco, Gregory -$11.6 Million/-3.3 WAR

Pollock, A.J. -$5.4 Million/+1.1 WAR

Posey, Buster -$8.2 Million/+1.5 WAR

Pressly, Ryan +$1.2 Million/+0.9 WAR

Ramirez, Jose +$17.4 Million/+4.7 WAR

Ray, Robbie +18.8 Million/+4.7 WAR

Realmuto, J.T. -$6.4 Million/+1.4 WAR

Rendon, Anthony -$38.6 Million/-2.0 WAR

Rizzo, Anthony -$9.7 Million/-0.3 WAR

Robert, Luis +$10.9 Million/+1.6 WAR

Rodón, Carlos +$17 Million/+3.0 WAR

Rojas, Miguel +$5 Million/+0.5 WAR

Rosario, Eddie -$3.6 Million/-0.9 WAR

Ryu, Hyun-Jin -$13.2 Million/-0.3 WAR

Sano, Miguel -$7.4 Million/-1.1 WAR

Santana, Carlos -$7.5 Million/-2.1 WAR

Sale, Chris -$26 Million/-1.0 WAR

Scherzer, Max -$10.5 Million/+4.0 WAR

Schoop, Jonathan +$3.9 Million/+0.1 WAR

Schwarber, Kyle +$5.8 Million/+1.2 WAR

Seager, Kyle -$10.5 Million

Segura, Jean +1.7 WAR

Semien, Marcus +$10.4 Million/+5.1 WAR

Severino, Luis -$9.6 Million/-1.7 WAR

Simmons, Andrelton -$4.9 Million/-0.6 WAR

Smith, Will -$6.6 Million/+0.6 WAR

Snell, Blake -$5.9 Million/-0.7 WAR

Springer, George -$18.2 Million/+0.5 WAR

Stanton, Giancarlo -$16.6 Million/+1.1 WAR

Suarez, Eugenio -$10.8 Million/-2.7 WAR

Taylor, Michael A. +$8.8 Million/+0.5 WAR

Trout, Mike -$29.9 Million/-0.2 WAR

Turner, Justin +$4 Million/+2.0 WAR

Upton, Justin -$23 Million/-2.7 WAR

Villar, Jonathan -$400 K/-0.2 WAR

Votto, Joey -$11.8 Million/+1.3 WAR

Wacha, Michael -$3 Million/-2.7 WAR

Wainwright, Adam +$6.8 Million/+1.7 WAR

Walker, Taijuan -$8.4 Million/-1.6 WAR

Wheeler, Zack +9.3 Million/+5.8 WAR

Wong, Kolten +$4.7 Million/+1.3 WAR

Wood, Alex +$2.2 Million/-0.7 WAR

Yelich, Christian -$8.8 Million/-0.7 WAR

Zunino, Mike +$12.8 Million/+1.7 WAR

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