I will keep track of everything happening this month here.

Boston smartly extended their closer at bargain prices. Matt Barnes is from New England and was willing to take a hometown discount.

Pointless move by Atlanta, but a good one for the Chicago Cubs. Atlanta should just sell, but at least Chicago got something for free agent-to be Joc Pederson.

Atlanta continues to do pointless trades.

Good move by the Chicago White Sox. Lance Lynn should continue help stabilizing the rotation.

Good trade for Tampa Bay & Minnesota. Nelson Cruz improves Tampa Bay’s lineup and Minnesota needed to move a 41 year old free agent after the season when they’ll be missing the playoffs.

Strange trade that helps the New York Mets with rotation depth.

Pointless trade for San Diego & a bad return for Pittsburgh. So which one of San Diego’s overpaid players will give up their starting job to an underachieving Adam Frazier.

The Bronx Bombers added to their bullpen. Clay Holmes is a groundswell specialist and maybe will be worth the cost.

Did Oakland just get a new closer? Good trade for both Oakland and the Chicago Cubs and Andrew Chafin is now the best reliever in Oakland‘s bullpen.

Houston improved their bullpen and Seattle got worse. Kendall Graveman is going to help Houston, but Seattle basically got no help at all and just a utility hitter and a struggling reliever.

New York cut salary and Cincinnati probably didn’t really improve.

Seattle got an inning eater and Pittsburgh continues a much needed rebuild. Tyler Anderson won’t move the needle, but will help Seattle not be any worse at least.

Cincinnati continues to try to improve their bullpen.

Blockbuster swap. Oakland improved their outfield by bringing in Starling Marte to take over centerfield, but I don’t see it moving the needle for them much, as they won’t be able to extend him after another early playoff loss (if they even get there). Miami won the deal by trading a player that was too old to extend for a top prospect in Jesus Luzardo. Luzardo will either be an ace or a trade chip.

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