The most recent transactions are at the top of the page here.

Solid move by the New York Mets as they locked up SS Francisco Lindor to a 10 year/$341 million contract.

Solid move by Texas to pick up Manager Chris Woodward’s option.

Potentially solid move by Houston, if SP Lance McCullers Jr. can stay healthy.

Debatable move by Kansas City. Salvador Perez is going to be deeper into his 30‘s and catchers don’t usually age well.

Potentially solid move by Toronto. They won’t make the playoffs this season, but Charlie Montoyo has been a good manager so far.

A needed overpay by Houston. They needed to replace Framber Valdez, so sighed Jake Odorizzi to a 2 year deal with a player option for a third year.

Milwaukee improved their defense. I think that Jackie Bradley Jr. is overrated and inconsistent, but maybe he will be worth it for Milwaukee.

Solid move by Kansas City to extend 3B Hunter Dozier as long as his 2020 was a fluke and 2019 wasn’t.

Good move by Atlanta to extend manager Brian Snitker.

The Bronx Bombers re-signed OF Brett Gardner in a move based more on loyalty than need.

Good move by Oakland, they now have a new CP as they signed Trevor Rosenthal to a 1 year $11 million deal.

Good move by San Diego, as they locked up SS Fernando Tatis Jr. for most of not all of his career.

Solid move by Seattle, as they brought back SP James Paxton on a 1 year deal. The Bronx Bombers won’t miss him.

Terrible deal by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Justin Turner is in decline and can’t stay healthy. This is a really bad deal for them.

Tampa Bay added another SP, this time it’s an about to decline injury prone Rich Hill.

San Diego improved their bullpen. I’m surprised that Atlanta let Mark Melancon go without sufficiently replacing him.

Seattle upgraded at closer at Toronto‘s expense. Ken Giles is a solid closer though at times inconsistent. He will miss the upcoming season, but he should be back in 2022.

Good move for San Francisco. Jake McGee is an upgrade to their bullpen.

Boston moved on from Andrew Benintendi. They sold low on him, but perhaps they know something that we don’t. Franchy Cordero is the major intriguing piece of what they got in return. We’ll see which team benefits the most in the future.

Good move by Miami. Adam Duvall is a power bay and they need more power.

Questionable move by Atlanta. Marvell Ozuna won’t repeat his 2020 and is a bad defender. He can however provide a power bat that they need.

Good move by Detroit. Re-signing Jonathan Schoop to a 1 year/$4.5 million deal is a good move.

The Los Angeles Dodgers upgraded their rotation, though not without risk. Trevor Bauer is streaky, so he could be a major upgrade or a bad contract, though I suspect the former. Bauer‘s single season salaries of $40 million in 2021 and $45 million in 2022 are insane however.

Great salary dump for St. Louis and horrible trade for the Los Angeles Angels. Why would any team want Dexter Fowler’s contract? He’s not even good enough to be a starter at this point.

Good bullpen upgrade by Minnesota. The Chicago White Sox won’t really miss Alex Colome. His peripherals are just not good.

Interesting bullpen upgrade by Arizona. They signed Joakim Soria to a 1 year/$3.5 million deals. He’s just going to be someone that they are able to flip for prospects at the trade deadline in a best case scenario for them. He might be their new closer for now.

Milwaukee improved their defense, but still need hitting. Kolten Wong is going to be missed by St. Louis, due to his defense.

Good move by Minnesota. Nelson Cruz might finally decline this season however.

Cincinnati added relief pitching help. Too bad it’s a downgrade for their bullpen as Sean Doolittle is cheap for a reason.

Good move by San Diego to promote GM A.J. Preller.

Good move by Philly. They keep Didi Gregorius on a reasonable deal.

Blockbuster trade between St. Louis and Colorado. Colorado rightly moved on from Nolan Arenado, who didn’t want to be there and St. Louis got a bat and defense that they needed.

Cleveland is actually trying to compete after all. Eddie Rosario should improve their lineup and especially their weak outfield.

St. Louis keep their franchise catcher Yadier Molina in a solid move.

Intriguing move by Philly. Matt Moore has upside and the contract is good.

Strange move by the Chicago Cubs. They should’ve acted differently if they’re trying to compete and Joc Pederson isn’t moving the needle. I guess he fills a hole at least. The Los Angeles Dodgers won‘t miss him.

St. Louis keep their franchise icon on a solid deal. Adam Wainwright will just be an innings Estee however.

Miami upgraded their bullpen with Anthony Bass.

San Francisco improved their infield depth. Tommy La Stella can either be their new second baseman or be a solid backup.

Good bullpen upgrade for the New York Mets. Aaron Loup is a good acquisition for them.

Good bullpen upgrade for the New York Yankees. Losing Darren O’Day is however a blow for Atlanta, who strangely didn’t pick up his reasonable option.

Minnesota improves their defense. Andrelton Simmons is an interesting acquisition that should help them, though without moving the needle much for the team aaa whole.

Toronto added a new second baseman. Marcus Semien is hoping to rebuild his value. It’s a high upside move by Toronto, though it’s their pitching that needs help the most.

Philly keep the best catcher in the game. J.T. Realmuto stays on the biggest contract for a catcher in history: 5 years/$115.5 million. I think that it’s a good deal for both sides.

Rare trade between New York and Boston that helps both sides. The Bronx Bombers are now further below the luxury tax and Boston added bullpen help in Adam Ottavino.

Washington finally acquired a real closer. Teams who needed bullpen help and passed on claiming Brad Hand when Cleveland waived him now look bad as he signed for basically the same money as he was owed on that declined option.

A high upside rotation upgrade by the Bronx Bombers. I see a lot of potential in Jameson Taillon. Pittsburgh sold very low however and received a weak return. They need a new owner.

Solid rotation upgrade by Boston. Garrett Richards has upside if he’s healthy. However, it does seem as if they overpaid.

Boston has a new second baseman. I think that the Los Angeles Dodgers will miss Enrique Hernandez and Boston will benefit from his positional versatility.

Minnesota added rotation help. J.A. Happ is just pitching depth though, they still need top of the rotation help.

Houston re-signed LF Michael Brantley. Overlay by Houston but they filled an open OF spot.

Toronto added a bad contract. George Springer is overrated and isn’t going to move the needle as they expect him to. Houston avoided a bad contract, but still got worse.

The Los Angeles Angels added a starting pitcher. This is definitely not what their fans were hoping for, but at least Jose Quintana gives them some rotation stability.

Good high upside potential bullpen upgrade by Toronto.

Solid starting pitching exchange for all involved.

Interesting high upside move by the New York Yankees. Will Corey Kluber pitch like he used to? If so it’s a bargain. He missed most of the last two seasons due to injury however and he seeks to be in decline. He also won’t give them 200 innings.

The Bronx Bombers re-signed DJ LeMahieu. It’s an OK move but I’m not sure that he’ll live up to the contract.

Philly improved their bullpen. Archie Bradley

Toronto extended President and CEO Mark Shapiro in a good move.

The Chicago White Sox overpaid for a new closer. Liam Hendriks is an upgrade over Alex Colome, but the price is ridiculous.

Good move by Washington. Kyle Schwarber is a good power hitter and they badly need power.

Great trade for both sides. The New York Mets significantly improve their lineup and rotation with Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco and Cleveland gets prospects and good young players such as Andres Gimenez. Cleveland do punt on their season, though they weren’t contenders before the trade and they weren’t going to extend Lindor anyway (he’s a free agent after this upcoming season).

San Diego added another ace. The Chicago Cubs are not acting as a big market team. They keep saving money and now downgraded from Yu Darvish to Zach Davies. They also shipped out Víctor Caratini. San Diego vastly improved their rotation, though Darvish is already getting up there in years. They also improved their catching situation.

San Diego signed a new 2B. I’m surprised that Ha-Seong Kim chose San Diego as he can’t play his natural position of SS there and San Diego has Jake Cronenworth at 2B, but perhaps Cronenworth is getting traded in another deal.

Blockbuster trade between Tampa Bay and San Diego. Tampa Bay seems hellbent on going from pennant winners to missing the playoffs next season. They now lost 2/3 of the best three SP’a as they traded Blake Snell to San Diego. Snell should help San Diego compete with the Los Angeles Dodgers and elevates them into the upper echelon of contenders. They didn’t even give up much: Francisco Mejia is turning into a lost cause and Luis Patinó is just a top pitching prospect who struggled in the Majors so far. The rest are a decent pitching prospect (Cole Wilcox) and an OK catching prospect (Blake Hunt). It was a solid return for Tampa, but they’re now likely to miss the playoffs next season.

Logical trade for both sides. Washington fill their void 1B and gamble on Josh Bell turning things around, and Pittsburgh move on from a free agent to be that they wouldn’t have extended anyway in a rebuilding year.

Interesting move by Philly. Sam Fuld is unproven as a GM.

Tampa Bay filled out their rotation. Michael Wacha is just going to eat innings. The New York Mets won’t miss him.

San Francisco filled a rotation vacancy. Anthony DeSclafani is at best an innings eater, so he‘s not going to do much for them. They overpaid to get him. Cincinnati aren’t going to miss him.

Good move by Boston. Hunter Renfroe could still break out and adds power to their lineup. He will take over for Alex Verdugo in RF, as Verdugo moves to CF to replace the soon to be overpaid Jackie Bradley Jr.

Interesting choice by the New York Mets.

The New York Mets solved their hole at catcher with a bad contract. James McCann isn’t going to be worth that contract.

Good gamble by Texas. If David Dahl stays healthy, he can potentially turn into a star.

Debatable move by Philadelphia. Dave Dombrowski wins championships but destroys farm systems.

Solid gamble by the Chicago White Sox. Adam Eaton is injury prone but is productive when he’s healthy and the contract seems reasonable.

Pointless overpay by Kansas City. They shouldn’t be spending much on 35 year old first basemen in decline.

The Chicago White Sox improve their rotation and Texas get a great return.

Surprising trade. Is Cincinnati no longer trying to compete next season? They now need a closer, while the Los Angeles Angels finally get a decent one.

An expected but still big non-tender by Minnesota.

Mutually beneficial trade between Baltimore and the Los Angeles Angels. LA get their SS and Baltimore trade a veteran for prospects.

Intriguing move by Atlanta. Charlie Morton may be in decline and I’m not sure if he’s going to eat that many innings, but he has some upside. This potentially really hurts Tampa Bay. They should e just picked up his option instead of being cheap.

Great news for the New York Mets, now they don’t have to pay Robinson Cano next season at all, which should help them in free agency. Cano was unlikely to be productive next season so isn’t a loss.

The end of an era for the Chicago Cubs. Theo Epstein will end up with Philadelphia or the New York Mets.

Solid move by Atlanta. It may be risky, but Drew Smyly has upside.

Interesting hire by Miami. Will Kim Ng deliver?

Interesting move by the Los Angeles Angels. We’ll see if Perry Minasian can turn them into a playoff team.

Good move for both sides.

Toronto took a gamble. Can they fix Robbie Ray so he can become a top of the rotation starter again? Will he become an inning eater? Giving him a 1 year/$8 million deal seems decent.

Questionable move by Boston.

Good for RP Dellin Betances and bad for the New York Mets.

Pittsburgh rightly moved on from SP Chris Archer.

The Chicago Cubs tightly moved on from SP Jon Lester.

Cleveland correctly moved on from 1B Carlos Santana. It’s bizarre that they got rid of Hand for nothing in return and overpaid for C Roberto Perez.

In a bad move, Miami declined their option on CP Brandon Kintzler.

The Chicago White Sox smartly parted ways with RP Gio Gonzalez and DH Edwin Encarnacion.

Potentially great news for the New York Mets. Of course it depends on if he’s owner Steve Cohen will actually spend.

Philadelphia wisely declined their option on RP David Robertson.

Solid managerial decision by Detroit. A.J. Hinch is a good choice.

Smart option decisions by Tampa Bay. Charlie Morton declined and isn’t worth $15 million anymore and Mike Zunino isn’t worth a Major League deal at all at this point.

A no-brainer option decision by the New York Yankees and another one just like it. A declining Brett Gardner should be much cheaper next season if there’s even a point in bringing him back. J.A. Happ is also in decline and can’t be trusted anymore. Paying him $17 million next season would’ve been insane.

Milwaukee correctly declined their side of a mutual option with Ryan Braun.

The New York Yankees wisely picked up the option on RP Zack Britton.

The Chicago White Sox have a new manager. I think that Tony La Russa is worth a shot.

Horrible move by Cleveland. Brad Hand is a good closer and they’re just giving him away. They can’t be so hurt financially that their best option is getting rid of a good player by literally giving him away for nothing.

Logical move by Houston. Roberto Osuna can’t be trusted to produce at this point.

Smart move by St. Louis. Kolten Wong isn’t worth anywhere near $12.5 million a year.

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