The most recent transactions are at the top of the page here.

Intriguing move by Atlanta. Charlie Morton may be in decline and I’m not sure if he’s going to eat that many innings, but he has some upside. This potentially really hurts Tampa Bay. They should e just picked up his option instead of being cheap.

Great news for the New York Mets, now they don’t have to pay Robinson Cano next season at all, which should help them in free agency. Cano was unlikely to be productive next season so isn’t a loss.

The end of an era for the Chicago Cubs. Theo Epstein will end up with Philadelphia or the New York Mets.

Solid move by Atlanta. It may be risky, but Drew Smyly has upside.

Interesting hire by Miami. Will Kim Ng deliver?

Interesting move by the Los Angeles Angels. We’ll see if Perry Minasian can turn them into a playoff team.

Good move for both sides.

Toronto took a gamble. Can they fix Robbie Ray so he can become a top of the rotation starter again? Will he become an inning eater? Giving him a 1 year/$8 million deal seems decent.

Questionable move by Boston.

Good for RP Dellin Betances and bad for the New York Mets.

Pittsburgh rightly moved on from SP Chris Archer.

The Chicago Cubs tightly moved on from SP Jon Lester.

Cleveland correctly moved on from 1B Carlos Santana. It’s bizarre that they got rid of Hand for nothing in return and overpaid for C Roberto Perez.

In a bad move, Miami declined their option on CP Brandon Kintzler.

The Chicago White Sox smartly parted ways with RP Gio Gonzalez and DH Edwin Encarnacion.

Potentially great news for the New York Mets. Of course it depends on if he’s owner Steve Cohen will actually spend.

Philadelphia wisely declined their option on RP David Robertson.

Solid managerial decision by Detroit. A.J. Hinch is a good choice.

Smart option decisions by Tampa Bay. Charlie Morton declined and isn’t worth $15 million anymore and Mike Zunino isn’t worth a Major League deal at all at this point.

A no-brainer option decision by the New York Yankees and another one just like it. A declining Brett Gardner should be much cheaper next season if there’s even a point in bringing him back. J.A. Happ is also in decline and can’t be trusted anymore. Paying him $17 million next season would’ve been insane.

Milwaukee correctly declined their side of a mutual option with Ryan Braun.

The New York Yankees wisely picked up the option on RP Zack Britton.

The Chicago White Sox have a new manager. I think that Tony La Russa is worth a shot.

Horrible move by Cleveland. Brad Hand is a good closer and they’re just giving him away. They can’t be so hurt financially that their best option is getting rid of a good player by literally giving him away for nothing.

Logical move by Houston. Roberto Osuna can’t be trusted to produce at this point.

Smart move by St. Louis. Kolten Wong isn’t worth anywhere near $12.5 million a year.

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