I’m going to be using Yahoo! prices for this. They have both auction prices and ADP’s and you can see how much players actually go for and where they’re drafted. The below players aren’t in any particular order.


1. SP Gerrit Cole, NYY

Cole may be the best SP in the game, but that’s actually arguable when you consider Jacob DeGrom, who is actually projected to be better by Steamer. The difference between them is so small, that it’s legitimately bizarre why Cole is going for $3 more and for 2 picks ahead of him.

2. 3B Anthony Rendon, LAA

Thanks to a juiced ball and a contract year he had an outlier last season. He’s not going to be bad this upcoming season: .284 28 HR 100 RBI 94 R 4 SB, but is he worth $35 or a second round pick?

3. 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR

Last year he produced .272 15 HR 69 RBI 52 R 0 SB in 123 games in 514 PA. He‘s projected by Steamer for .296 25 HR 85 RBI 83 R 3 SB this upcoming season. Is that worth $25 or a third round pick?

4. OF Yordan Alvarez, HOU

He had a great debut last year and his power is legit, but the expectations for this upcoming season are just way too high. He’s never played a full season in the Makors before, he had a .366 BABIP last season, he had an unsustainable 32.9%… he’s not going to be more than at best a pure power guy with 30+ HR and 75+ RBI and runs, with a low average and no help in SB’s. That production can be had for a lot cheaper than $28 or a third round pick.

5. 1B/OF Cody Bellinger, LAD

Bellinger put up video game numbers last season: .305 in 156 games with 47 HR, 115 RBI, 121 runs and 15 SB’s. The problem is the guy who hit .267 and .260 the prior two seasons, only finished with a .305 batting average due to these splits: .336 with a BABIP close to .400 in the first half and .260 in the second half once his BABIP normalized. He’s simply not putting up anywhere close to his 2019 numbers ever again without such luck. You don’t pay close to $50 or use a first round pick based on luck, when his regular self is worth around $25, as was his cost in the last 2 years.


1. C Salvador Perez, KCR

A Steamer projected 27 HR 82 RBI 2 SB from a catcher for $2 or an 18’th round pick?!

2. 1B Edwin Encarnacion, CWS

He’s been a 30+ HR bat since 2012 and even though he’s now 37, Steamer projects .247 35 HR 93 RBI 81 R 2 SB and you can get it for $1 or in the 18’th round. You can get similar production from multiple players for significantly more.

3. 1B/3B Miguel Sano, MIN

Steamer projects .246 38 HR 99 RBI 86 Runs. 1 SB. You can get him for $3 or in the 16’th round.

4. 2B/OF Lourdes Gurriel Jr., TOR

Steamer projects .265 27 HR 84 RBI 75 R 9 SB. Last season he hit .277 with 20 HR, 50 RBI, 52 R and 9 SB in 343 AB. Price? $2 or the 18’th round.

5. 3B Rafael Devers, BOS

Steamer projects .299 32 HR 105 RBI 97 R 9 SB and you can get him for $25 or a fourth round pick. Compare that to Rendon’s projection and price.

I hope that you keep these players in mind during your next auction or draft. You should also check out if you plan to go even further this season and bet on games in ways other than fantasy.

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