I’m using Yahoo! auction values and not ranking them in any particular order.


1. SP Clayton Kershaw, LAD

Where do I begin? Injury-prone, 90 mph fastball, 3.86 FIP in 2019, hasn’t come close to 200 innings since 2015…you can have all of that for $22!

2. SP Chris Paddack, SDP

He has two pitches and had a 3.95 FIP and 4.05 xFIP last season. Steamer expects him to have a 3.84 ERA this upcoming season. Doesn’t sound like an ace? Well he shouldn’t, but people are still paying $20 for him.

3. SP Jose Berrios, MIN

What is it that people like about him? His career 4.21 ERA? His 3.68 ERA, 3.85 FIP and 4.32 xFIP last season? His projected 4.21 ERA (Steamer) or 4.01 ERA (ATC)? He should be going for $1, but people are paying $15 for him. Why?

4. RP Josh Hader, MIL

WHAT?! How can he be a bust?! Well, besides the fact that no closer is worth more than $10, he might not even last as one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an elite reliever and I don’t expect him to get injured or decline, I do however think that Milwaukee might remove him from the closer’s role. In the past, they were adamant about using him as a fireman and they were rumored to be shopping him this offseason due to his rising arbitration salaries. Saves are a major factor in this and if he no longer gets any, they will save a lot of money. $20 for a regular reliever is an insane price.

5. OF Eloy Jimenez, CWS

Last season he put up a line of .267 31 HR 79 RBI and 69 Runs and 0 SB’s in 122 games. His projections show him as a .280+ 30 HR+ 80+ RBI/Run hitter with 0 SB’s. It looks solid enough, but why are the experts so sure that he won’t have a sophomore slump or that he’ll be able to hit that well over the course of a full season? I don’t think that he’s proven enough to cost this much. He goes for $20

6. 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR

One of these years he could be a top 10 fantasy hitter, maybe even this year. Until then you’re paying $21 for a guy who gave you .272/15 HR/69 RBI/52 Runs/0 SB in 514 PA last season and who is expected to give you only slight improvements in those stats this season.


1. SS/3B/OF Scott Kingery, PHI

A 20 HR bat with 20 SB speed for $3 (and often even less than that). Oh and he’ll now be wearing contact lenses to improve his vision.

2. OF Justin Upton, LAA

From 2016 to 2018 he hit at least 30 HR, drove in 85 RBI and scored 80 Runs each season. He also stole at least 8 bases. He missed most of last season due to injury, but now he’s fully healthy. You can get him for $2.

3. OF Hunter Renfroe, TBR

It’s simple, Tampa Bay don’t typically make bad trades. They see something in Renfroe and I do too. He hit 33 HR in 494 PA last season and it looks like we’ll have the juiced ball for at least one more season. It gets better however… he steals some bases and played through injury in the second half of last season. He’s a great potential steal at $1.

4. OF Gregory Polanco, PIT

Forget his scorching hot Spring, how about that he’s a 20+ HR bat who can give you 80+ RBI, 80+ Runs and 10+ SB’s for $1.

5. 2B Rougned Odor, TEX

How would you like to receive 30 HR, 80+ RBI, 80+ Runs and 10+ SB’s from a $1 2B? You do have to tolerate a low BA, but he did hit .261 down the stretch last season and has finished a season with a .271 BA before.

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