I like this deal for the New York Mets. They finally get a good catcher.

Solid move by both teams. Cleveland saves money and the Chicago White Sox get a replacement for Jose Abreu.

I don’t understand this one for San Diego. Are they moving Luis Urias to short stop? Are they trading him?

Solid deal for Houston. I don’t see it making much of an impact but it gives them certainty at the position.

Texas improved their rotation with what will prove to be a bargain.

The Los Angeles Angels “improved” their rotation. Considering they don’t seem to be in on any starters that would actually help, I think they should just trade Mike Trout, because they’re not serious about contending before his free agency and are wasting his good years. They later added more help. They need a proven ace and inning eaters, instead they acquired two starters with health issues and limited upside, that are at best mid-rotation starters.

Solid move by Washington to improve their rotation. They may be the favorites in the NL East as things currently stand.

Colorado upgraded offensively at 2B. Great move though they’re taking a hit defensively. Of course, if they plan to play him at 1B instead, then it’s an excellent move.

Oakland most likely overpaid, but improved their bullpen.

St. Louis improved their bullpen, though also likely overpaid.

Big trade between three teams. Texas should’ve given Profar a shot as a starter first and potentially raised his value, but did receive interesting prospects in return and he was under control for just two years and they’re rebuilding. Tampa Bay improved their bullpen and Oakland finally filled second base.

Blockbuster trade. LA shed salary and received prospects while Cincinnati wasted prosects for rental players while being the worst team in their division.

Good signing by Minnesota as they can either use him if they’re actually competitive, or flip him at the trading deadline. If he falls apart then it’s a one year deal.

Surprising but very good acquisition by Seattle.

Great bargain pick-up for the Bronx Bombers.

Philadelphia improved their bullpen.

Great deal for New York. Zach Britton is an elite reliever and could replace Aroldis Chapman at closer, after he hits free agency next offseason.

Great signing with upside for Texas.

Great signing for Milwaukee and a terrible result for Yasmani Grandal, who passed up a better offer from the New York Mets, which he’s unlikely to top next offseason.

Solid signing for Seattle. They needed depth at shortstop and they got it.

Excellent signing by Washington, that benefits both team and player. They look like the favorites in the NL East as things currently stand.

The New York Mets upgraded at third base in a surprise move. Of course, it’s also unclear what their infield alignment will actually be.

The New York Yankees improved their infield in a surprising move. This also likely means that the Bronx Bombers are not going to make any bigger splashes, though it might actually be wise to save money for starting pitchers hitting free agency next offseason, as well as Mike Trout and Mookie Betts in 2 years, with Giancarlo Stanton likely opting out at that point as well. They did need contact hitters that get on base consistently and this signing fits that criteria.

The Los Angeles Dodgers downgraded at catcher, as Toronto got out of a bad contract. Toronto still pay most of the salary, so they only somewhat got the better end of the deal.

Solid move by San Francisco.

Interesting gamble by Tampa Bay.

The New York Yankees secured the best bullpen in the game. It may be an overpay, but it’s a good move that also hurts Boston, who badly need bullpen help.

Solid signing for Anaheim, though they should’ve landed better relievers.

Good trade for both sides. The extension is a risky move that seems unnecessary as he’s unlikely to pay much of a difference for them.

OK move by Texas.

Disappointing move by Atlanta. Could they really not find a better deal on the trade market? It’s almost as if they’re handing over the division to Washington.

Good upside move by Arizona.

A good depth move or a rotation downgrade for Houston.

Great trade for both teams.

A great deal for Philadelphia.

A great deal for the New York Yankees.

Confusing but not bad re-signing by Milwaukee. Travis Shaw is staying at second base, so what happens when Keston Hiura is ready?

Great signing for San Diego that elevates them in perception to a mid-market team.

Very good signing for Minnesota.

Excellent extension for the New York Yankees. It looks like a bargain.

Great extension for Colorado. Nolan Arenado is their best player and not only is locking him up helping their on-field product, it also makes the fan base very happy.

Great move by St. Louis.

Good (though risky) move by Houston.

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