There are a lot of articles about auction and draft strategies out there, but what should you do during the season? The main thing to do is not to give up on your season if you’re down in the standings. Instead, assess your roster and what you need to do to win. Don’t give up unless there’s literally nothing that you can do and you’ll need a team of Hall of Famers to even have a chance at a top three finish.


1. Owners of bad teams often give up and stop playing. This gives you a major advantage as their counting stats will go down in rotisserie and you can easily beat them in head to head because they won’t be setting their lineups or streaming.

2. Take advantage of desperate owners who will sell low on struggling players who may have a big second half.


1. Project statistics for the rest of season for your pitchers and starting hitters. Do the same for your bench hitters separately. I recommend using steamer projections from Fangraphs. Do the same for the team in first place (and the next two if you’re playing in a money league where the first three spots receive prize money).

2. See how far behind you are in each hitting category based on the calculations above and whether an acquisition or a lineup shuffle could bring you closer in each.

3. If you’re behind in wins then consider streaming, and if you’re behind in ERA and WHIP, consider packing your pitching staff with middle relievers.


1. Calculate your average points per matchup by combining all of your total points for the whole season and then dividing them by your total matchups played. Do it for the teams that you have to play as well. Predict your win-loss record this way by assigning wins based on higher average points. You will now have an average idea of where you really stand.

2. Look at where you stand in different categories, cutting down on strikeouts usually helps with improving how many points you receive from your hitters. It’s also beneficial to raise your walks and to have higher averages for your hitters in order to have more consistency every week.

3. If you’re not doing good in the pitching department, streaming may be a beneficial option as well.

The main thing to do is to analyze your team and not give up unless you’ve done absolutely everything that you can to improve.

Let me know what you think on Twitter at @NeilfromNYC and in the comments.

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