The all-star game has become an outdated tradition. Here are five reasons why:


The All-Star game was started in 1933 as another way for the American League and the National League to compete with each other. At the time there was an actual rivalry between the two leagues and the only other way to see stars from both leagues play against each other was the World Series.

Fast forward to today and things are vastly different: the two leagues are no longer separate organizations and we have interleague games that happen throughout the whole season. So what exactly is the point for the players to risk injury in a meaningless game in the middle of the season?


It gets worse….players often receive financial bonuses for all-star game selections and have them listed as part of their achievements, but these selections are actually popularity contests where many deserving players are often overlooked.

Take a look at this year’s selections:

Eddie Rosario wasn’t selected but Nelson Cruz was. George Springer was selected over Andrew Benintendi, Max Muncy wasn’t selected but Joey Votto was despite a down season. In fact, there’s actually a long history of All-Star snubs.


There is no competition between the two leagues, in fact they’re leagues in name only. In reality they’re no different from conferences in the NFL and NBA. The only real league is the MLB. Players also switch leagues all the time, so there’s no “league loyalty” where it matters which league wins and which one loses.


Why should the players risk injury in the middle of a season during a pointless game? Imagine a contending team’s key player getting injured in the all-star game, and then missing the rest of the season? What about the extra innings on pitcher’s arms? The risk of hitters getting hit by pitches? There’s a reason why so many teams put clauses in player contracts that keep them from playing sports in their spare time.

5. THE ALTERNATIVE IS BETTERWhy not give the players time to spend with their families and rest instead? Wouldn’t that benefit the players more? They could still have the home run derby, but only let the season’s top home run hitters participate and don’t put it to a vote.

The only argument to keep the all-star game seems to be tradition and despite how great this game’s tradition is, this is one that is no longer worthwhile.

What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @NeilfromNYC and in the comments.


  1. All of the comments hits the nail , asg is meaningless and I think today’s players do not care for the asg. The asg in the 60’s the players tried to make it to the game.

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  2. Why don’t you make this argument for all the sports. While we are at let’s do away with the postseason, if you win the division hey you’re champions. It gives the players more time to rest and be with their families. I for one love to watch the all star game and home run derby and yes it is optional for them to participate.


    • Playing for a makeshift team that you get on due to a popularity contest in a meaningless game is different than playing in meaningful games for your actual team. The all-star game is a waste of time.


      • Isn’t the Hall of Fame, in part, a popularity contest though? The writers pick who they’re partial to. How else do you explain how Jim Rice is in, and Bonds isn’t? I’m not advocating for Bonds to be in the Hall, mind you. I’m just pointing it out because it’s also an award based on opinionated merit. If you want a system based strictly on statistical merit, be it WAR, or whatever- you need to revamp that whole system, too.

        The only difference between the two scenarios involves a game, which no one has to watch, or play in. There’s zero reason to take that away from those of us fans who enjoy it though, and the players who want to play in it. Just skip it if you don’t like it.


      • I think you’re missing the point. No system is perfect but the All-Star Game is easily the worst part of the MLB season. It doesn’t affect player stats or team records, it puts useless innings on pitcher’s arms and the result is completely meaningless.


  3. You took a big swing, but you missed mightily on this one.

    Point 1- Yes, there is inter-league play now.That’s still just two teams though, and not a collection of the best players.
    Point 2- Sure, it’s a popularity contest. The game is for the fans, though. If a guy is willing to sign a contract with a bonus tied to an ASG selection, that’s on him- because there will always be snubs, unless you expand the rosters.
    Point 3- It may be meaningless, but who cares? It’s fun. The worse thing they ever did was tying home field advantage in the WS to it, trying to make it mean something. Everything doesn’t have to be purposeful.
    Point 4- Players have gotten hurt on their luggage, and all kinds of strange ways. It happens.
    Point 5- This to me might be the only argument for considering it, but it’d be easier simply to make the game optional- if it’s not already.

    Many players consider getting an all-star nod to be quite the honor. It’s a chance for them to play with some of their best peers, and has created quite a few memorable moments. There’s no reason to eliminate it. If you want it to mean more, let’s eliminate inter-league play.


    • 1. That “collection of best players” is based on opinion not actual qualifications and it makes up 2 “teams” that only play 1 game each.

      2. Who says that the majority of fans care about the ASG? Most fans that I know could care less about it.

      3. I agree about it deciding home field advantage being a terrible idea. How exactly is a meaningless game between non-teams “fun”? A lot of people don’t agree with that opinion.

      4. Exactly, so why put them in a situation where it’s even more likely to get injured.

      5. I like that argument.

      Actually a lot of players think that it’s pointless and try to get out of it. Interleague play is needed due to scheduling issues.


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