Let’s take a look at some hitters who will likely improve on their poor performances and those whose good performances are likely to decline. I’m going to specifically look at BABIP to make my selections (the players are not in any particular order).


1. Ian Kinsler, 2B Los Angeles Angels (.207 BABIP)

2. Khris Davis, DH Oakland Athletics (.238 BABIP)

3. Travis Shaw, 3B Milwaukee Brewers (.254 BABIP)

4. Anthony Rizzo, 1B Chicago Cubs (.229 BABIP)

5. Justin Turner, 3B Los Angeles Dodgers (.245 BABIP)

6. Edwin Encarnacion, DH Cleveland Indians (.254 BABIP)

7. Nelson Cruz, DH Seattle Mariners (.266 BABIP)

8. Lewis Brinson, CF Miami Marlins (.224 BABIP)

9. Ryan Zimmerman, 1B Washington Nationals (.244 BABIP)

10. Daniel Murphy, 2B Washington Nationals (.231 BABIP)

11. Bryce Harper, RF Washington Nationals (.223 BABIP)

12. Jonathan Schoop, 2B Baltimore Orioles (.223 BABIP)

13. Carlos Santana, 1B Philadelphia Phillies (.214 BABIP)

14. Joey Gallo, LF Texas Rangers (.237 BABIP)

15. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Boston Red Sox (.255 BABIP)

16. Adam Duvall, LF Cincinnati Reds (.233 BABIP)

17. Ian Desmond, 1B Colorado Rockies (.241 BABIP)

18. Salvador Perez, C Kansas City Royals (.217 BABIP)

19. Brian Dozier, 2B Minnesota Twins (.239 BABIP)

20. Max Kepler, RF Minnesota Twins (.234 BABIP)

21. Byron Buxton, CF Minnesota Twins (.226 BABIP)

22. Gary Sanchez, C New York Yankees (.194 BABIP)

23. Greg Bird, 1B New York Yankees (.246 BABIP)

24. Didi Gregorius, SS New York Yankees (.253 BABIP)

25. Elvis Andrus, SS Texas Rangers (.264 BABIP)


1. Freddie Freeman, 1B Atlanta Braves (.364 BABIP)

2. Matt Kemp, LF Los Angeles Dodgers (.360 BABIP)

3. Brandon Belt, 1B San Francisco Giants (.350 BABIP)

4. Jean Segura, SS Seattle Mariners (.374 BABIP)

5. Derek Dietrich, LF Miami Marlins (.374 BABIP)

6. Juan Soto, LF Washington Nationals (.372 BABIP)

7. Wil Myers, RF San Diego Padres (.357 BABIP)

8. Adrian Beltre, 3B Texas Rangers (.362 BABIP)

9. J.D. Martinez, DH Boston Red Sox (.370 BABIP)

10. Scooter Gennett, 2B Cincinnati Reds (.386 BABIP)

11. Tom Murphy, C Colorado Rockies (.542 BABIP)

12. Nicholas Castellanos, RF Detroit Tigers (.377 BABIP)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @NeilfromNYC

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