Charlie Blackmon just signed an extension with Colorado. This is huge as he was going to be one of the key free agents this upcoming offseason. His wOBA over the last 4 seasons (2014-2017): .339, .345, .394, .414. His current wOBA for this season is .582. Look at his ISO over the last 4 seasons: .152, .163, .228, .270. This season his ISO is .737. Obviously his current wOBA and ISO will go down, but it’s obvious that he’s been improving every single season. He’s currently 31 years old, and will turn 32 in July, but I think that he should be a decent contributor throughout his contract. He consistently bats over .300, steals bases in double digits, has 30 home run power and gets on base at a solid rate. As long as he doesn’t suddenly decline, this is a good deal for Colorado.

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